My name is Jan Edmiston and I’m trying to follow Jesus in the thick of things.  I love the church enough to try to transform it.

This blog is my own.  It doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of my denomination or presbytery.  Writing here since 2005.


31 responses to “About

  1. Looking forward to hear more from you!

  2. Charlotte Humphries

    I would like to use your blog on healthy churches as the basis for a paper on healthy schools. Could you e-mail me?
    Thank you,

  3. Hi — I have an internet reading list for Presbyterians, http://www.scoop.it/t/thinking-presbyterian, and am now putting a second link to your site on the list — and I try to give credit to the author, you, in the listing — but darn if I can find your name on this site. Perhaps you are intentionally anonymous? Or perhaps I’m blind as a bat? In any case, I’d love for you to contact me at jimcollie@gmail.com. Thanks!

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  5. I just found your blog. Thanks.

  6. I would love to read your writing about preaching as spiritual direction. I’m a spiritual director and curious.

    • Hi Nancy – It’s on file in the Columbia Seminary Library in Decatur, GA. I’m not sure where my own copy is after moving 2 years ago.
      I’ll see what I can find and get back to you.

  7. Jan–
    I’m blessed to have Rev. Laura Becker as a friend and colleague, and she is gracious enough to listen to my ramblings about church leadership. She recently mentioned that you led a successful effort to transform the work of the session through the installation of trustees. I’d love to learn more about this. Is there an easy way to find your writings/reflections on the subject? It might be of great help at the church I’m currently serving.

    Thanks–Keith Jones

  8. If you have time I would love to follow up with you on the church size thing. carl

  9. Hi Jan! Got the link to your blog from Jim Chappell. Will enjoy following you. We think of you and Fred often, with great fondness!

    Bill and Tommy Wallace

  10. Hi Jan–I’m a regular reader of your blog & enjoy your insights! I’m looking for one of your older posts on the need to teach church leaders effective conflict management skills. I think you also referenced “Crucial Conversations” in that one. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  11. Jan, I rarely comment on any particular post, but read most and think, “YES!” Thank you so much for your wisdom and love for the church.

  12. Mary-Anne Delaney

    I have been praying for two years now for Palmata Musa, a girl captured by Boko Haram. I have scoured the internet and can’t find any information on her or the rest of the girls. Do you know where I can find information on her?

    • Hi Mary-Anne. I’ve done the same for Sicker Abdul. Even if there is news about the girls, I have s feeling that the press is not sharing their names for their own protection. I hope one day we’ll know.

  13. Tracy Fairfield

    May I share your blog in my church newsletter, specifically “When Churches want a Pastor…”

    It’s GREAT!!
    Rev. Tracy

  14. quicksilver1953

    Thanks for being at PYT2016 with our youth community!

  15. Looking to connect and dialog with other Christians online who have an active blog or website. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Feel free to checkout my blog at barbarajcouch.wordpress.com . My email is barbarajcouch9@gmail.com. Peace & Blessings

  16. I have been trying to get in touch with you about an event in Charleston Atlantic Presbytery that will be held after General Assembly is over. Please tell me the best way to reach you.

  17. Hi Jan,
    We’re you a student minister at the Presbyterian Church in Burlington, MA many moons ago? I opened “These Days” devotions and saw your name.

    Thanks, Joan Ross

  18. Hi Jan,
    Would love to subscribe to your blog. Tell me how.
    Lil Rea from Peace River Presbytery

    • Hi Lil – Hope you are well. Here you go:

      On WordPress.com, any reader can follow (subscribe to) your blog to receive an email every time you write a new post. Logged in users of WordPress.com can do this by clicking the Follow button in their admin bar. Logged out readers can click the Follow button in the lower right-hand corner of your blog’s home page.

  19. Marsha McElroy

    Thank you Jan for your insightful comments and concrete suggestions.

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