So . . . Who’s Reading Waking Up White?

waking-up-whiteIt’s been a couple months since Denise Anderson and I suggested that the PCUSA read this book.  I’d love to hear who has read it, who is reading it now, and who plans to read it.

Are you reading it in Small Groups?  Book groups?  Coffee klatches? By a light of a single candle?  I would love to hear about it today. Thanks.


20 responses to “So . . . Who’s Reading Waking Up White?

  1. I’m reading it, along with the pastoral staff at the church I serve.

  2. I’ve been reading it in a community book read coordinated by my UMC and UU colleagues in town. Having been quite struck by many themes and insights, we’ll have a small group within our congregation undertake a reading of the book, perhaps during Lent. Also, our presbytery has held an video conference book discussion.

  3. First Presbyterian of Elkhart, Indiana is on board with “Waking Up White.” The limits on GI Bill funding and FHA discrimination were new and troubling parts of mUS history for many of us.

  4. I have read it and will take a small group through it next spring in our church.

  5. I invited Debby to be a keynote speaker for the 2017 Progressive Youth Ministry conference next year:

  6. 30 members of our congregation read through this together last year. Many of those members are now continuing the conversation with another book. We’ve collected 6 more people in a new Waking Up White study group that started this fall. We also started a closed Facebook group of Xer/Millennials who are “getting real” with one another. My goal is to get a critical mass of members talking about racism, race and white privilege. It’s a slow build, but I’m in it for the long haul.

  7. This is the best thing I’ve ever read about racism. It made sense to me in a way that many other things have not. It has changed me, and I have recommended it to many others in conversation. My 89 year old mother picked it up to read while she was visiting us and couldn’t put it down.

  8. I (an elder and active layperson) asked on FB whether anyone among my list wanted to read and discuss it. About 30 folks said they did. We (about 15 folks in the end) are 3/4 of the way through discussing it in a group, including a few nonlocals who participate by audioconference.

  9. I agree with you and Denise, Jan, that this is a very important book. I have plugged it with my coaching clients and friends. A inter-racial group of Georgetown U coach alums which I’m in will likely be reading it as part of our process.

  10. It just came in the mail this weekend, and I hope to start it soon. Thank you, and Denise, for the encouragement.

  11. This is the best book about racism that I’ve read. It has changed me, and I have recommended it to many others. My 89 year old mother picked it up when she was visiting with us and couldn’t put it down!

  12. I asked and our program staff is reading it to consider which groups or how we might have the whole church read it in the spring.

  13. We read it at Arlington–small group setting. Group committed to further discussion.

  14. I read it and have recommended it to lots of folks. Thanks for your suggestion / encouragement!

  15. I read it quickly, cover to cover, when you first suggested it. Now I’m re-reading, and blogging my way through the questions at the end of each chapter.

  16. I am reading this now! I soooo relate to the author. I am a first generation American so my parents did not really understand the events of the time. I was sheltered by ignorance of my parents who were struggling with survival and not issues of this new country and this new language.

  17. Read it quickly last month, in order to incorporate parts of it (especially the questions) into a small group/ class conversation that had already started reading and discussing the book “Race in a Post Obama America.” The two went well together. (Janet Rainey, New Hope PC, Katy, TX)

  18. I’m reading it now…just started. Meg

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  19. Virginia Studer

    I started it a few days ago — considering using it for my next Book Retreat for women at our church. How did you choose it?

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