Hey Boo

booradley2Sometimes when we clean out our dead loved one’s closets and safety deposit boxes we find a nice brooch or a set of mystery keys. And sometimes we find a manuscript written by Harper Lee.

Okay, maybe it’s true that all the best parts of Go Set a Watchman were inserted
into To Kill a Mockingbird and it will be a yawner. OR maybe we’ll find out that

  • Dill became a New York writer and celebrity who hosted masked balls,
  • Calpurnia and Jem marched together in Selma,
  • Maudie led a popular book group during which she influenced The Ladies of Maycomb, Alabama to wake up and smell the coffee.

And will we find out what became of Boo Radley? I certainly hope so.

I also hope that Jean Louise Finch still calls herself Scout, even though she graduated from law school at the age of 23. And now – at the age of 25 – she has her father’s sensibilities and her long-gone mother’s dreams of adventure. And maybe she’ll visit Dill in NYC and meet Errol Flynn.

This newly discovered manuscript has the power to disappoint us terribly. But the joy of life includes surprises like this one and – while I’d love this book to be exquisite – just knowing that it exists is lovely.


2 responses to “Hey Boo

  1. Amen!!! This discovery is such exciting news. I’m buying one of the 2 000 000 copies they’re printing. I used to read TKAM annually but haven’t read it for the past few years–time to get it out!!!

  2. YES!

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