Facebook at Work

I already use Facebook at work.  Yesterday, I specifically:woman_using_facebook_imac

  • Messaged someone about Adult Education speakers.
  • Found photos to steal use for a Presbytery slide stream.
  • Asked for an email.
  • Messaged someone about a job description.

Anyone who walks into my office can see what’s on my computer screen, and I sometimes feel self-conscious when what’s on my screen is Facebook.  But honestly I sometimes need to make Zuckerberg-esque Church World connections.

But for those for whom Facebook is frowned upon in the office, Facebook at Work is coming.  It’s unclear how this will work/look/impact professional lives. I don’t use LinkedIn or other work-related sites much, but I do use general social media for work.  How about you?

What social media do you use on a regular basis for work?  And why do you use it?

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3 responses to “Facebook at Work

  1. I use facebook, twitter, and linkedin. I also use hootsuite to manage what I would like to post where. My Facebook profile is both personal and professional. I like to post on linkedin the things our church is doing with other organizations in the community.

    I think the most important thing is to have a strategy. Who do I want to be? Not in the fake, “So much Cooler on line” kind of way, but what do I want people to hear from me?

    Most people aren’t going to read one devotional every day. Is it really helpful for me to post 10, or will I lose them? Since I am on there during the work day, do I really want to post videos of kittens water skiing?

    I have found it to be a great way to keep in touch with people who aren’t that connected to the congregation, to offer an encouraging word when they post they’re having a bad day. To let them know, your church is here.

  2. Instagram to market events for youth.
    Facebook to tell the story of the Church
    #hashtags for youth to document where they see church outside of church
    Instagram to connect with youth, meet where they are
    Facebook to recruit leaders
    Twitter to connect youth/adults who cannot be present at events…build community…….also to market events.
    All to fundraise for youth ministry….
    Vine to tell the story, invite to the party (fundraiser).
    All to blog on mission trips- connecting everyone to the mission we do togehter.
    facebook to invite speakers to come to educate, teach, lead.
    facebook to share service opportunities coming up..
    and we have not even started to talk about texting.

  3. I use FB to stay in touch with friends I don’t see; to report news I’ve heard that I think merits sharing; to celebrate important events; to network with clergy colleagues. FB also puts me in touch with news articles I might not see otherwise and I often share them with others. I have tried to use Twitter, but usually forget, even though it is a really convenient way to post and receive info far faster than FB. I read blogs (like yours) to keep up with a variety of people and perspectives.

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