Please Pick One

I picked Sicker Abdul.  Nigerian Protest

Her last name means “servant” in Arabic and I hope her first name is not a reflective of her first days on the earth.  She’s been identified as a Christian.  I don’t know her age.

She is one of the 180 girls named yesterday as among the students kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Nigeria on April 14th by Boko Haram.  Although 276 girls are still reported missing, we only have 180 names.  You can read more about the situation here.

The  kidnappers are reportedly selling these girls for about $12 each to potential “husbands.”

Praying for 180 girls by name – much less 276 girls – is overwhelming to me and my pathetic commitment to prayer. But I can pray for one Nigerian schoolgirl.  And I am asking you to pray for just one girl as well.

Please choose one name – one girl  – and pray for her until she is found.

I picked Sicker Abdul.  She’s my girl.

Who will you pick?

If it helps to hold you accountable, I invite you to share your choice in the comment section of this post.  Thank you.

Deborah ​Abge, Awa ​Abge, Hauwa ​Yirma, Asabe ​Manu, Mwa ​Malam Pogu, Patiant ​Dzakwa, Saraya ​Mal Stover, Mary ​Dauda, Gloria ​Mainta, Hanatu ​Ishaku Gloria ​Dama, Tabitha ​Pogu, Maifa ​Dama, Ruth ​Kollo, Esther ​Usman, Awa ​James, Anthonia Yahonna, Kume ​Mutah, Aisha ​Ezekial, Nguba ​Buba, Kwanta ​Simon, Kummai ​Aboku, Esther ​Markus, Hana ​Stephen, Rifkatu ​Amos, Rebecca ​Mallum, Blessing ​Abana, Ladi ​Wadai, Tabitha ​Hyelampa, Ruth ​Ngladar, Safiya ​Abdu, Na’omi ​Yahonna, Solomi ​Titus, Rhoda ​John, Rebecca ​Kabu, Christy ​Yahi, Rebecca ​Luka, Laraba ​John, Saratu ​Markus, Mary ​Usman, Debora ​Yahonna, Naomi ​Zakaria, Hanatu ​Musa, Hauwa ​Tella, Juliana ​Yakubu, Suzana ​Yakubu, Saraya ​Paul, Jummai ​Paul, Mary ​Sule, Jummai ​John, Yanke ​Shittima, Muli ​Waligam, Fatima ​Tabji, Eli ​Joseph, Saratu ​Emmanuel, Deborah Peter, Rahila ​Bitrus, Luggwa ​Sanda, Kauna ​Lalai, Lydia ​Emmar, Laraba ​Maman, Hauwa ​Isuwa, Confort ​Habila, Hauwa ​Abdu, Hauwa ​Balti, Yana ​Joshua, Laraba ​Paul, Saraya ​Amos, Glory ​Yaga, Na’omi ​Bitrus, Godiya ​Bitrus, Awa ​Bitrus, Na’omi ​Luka, Maryamu Lawan, Tabitha ​Silas, Mary ​Yahona, Ladi ​Joel, Rejoice ​Sanki, Luggwa ​Samuel, Comfort ​Amos, Saraya ​Samuel, Sicker ​Abdul, Talata ​Daniel.
Rejoice ​Musa, Deborah ​Abari, Salomi ​Pogu, Mary ​Amor, Ruth ​Joshua, Esther ​John, Esther ​Ayuba, Maryamu Yakubu, Zara ​Ishaku, Maryamu Wavi, Lydia ​Habila, Laraba ​Yahonna, Na’omi ​Bitrus, Rahila ​Yahanna, Ruth ​Lawan, Ladi ​Paul, Mary ​Paul, Esther ​Joshua, Helen ​Musa, Margret Watsai, Deborah Jafaru, Filo ​Dauda, Febi ​Haruna, Ruth ​Ishaku, Racheal Nkeki, Rifkatu Soloman, Mairama Yahaya, Saratu ​Dauda, Jinkai ​Yama, Margret Shettima, Yana ​Yidau, Grace ​Paul, Amina ​Ali, Palmata Musa, Awagana Musa, Pindar ​Nuhu, Yana ​Pogu, Saraya ​Musa, Hauwa ​Joseph, Hauwa ​Kwakwi, Hauwa ​Musa, Maryamu Musa, Maimuna Usman, Rebeca Joseph, Liyatu ​Habitu, Rifkatu Yakubu, Naomi ​Philimon, Deborah Abbas, Ladi ​Ibrahim, Asabe ​Ali, Maryamu Bulama, Ruth ​Amos, Mary ​Ali, Abigail Bukar, Deborah Amos, Saraya ​Yanga, Kauna ​Luka, Christiana Bitrus, Yana ​Bukar, Hauwa ​Peter, Hadiza ​Yakubu, Lydia ​Simon, Ruth ​Bitrus, Mary ​Yakubu, Lugwa ​Mutah, Muwa ​Daniel, Hanatu ​Nuhu, Monica Enoch, Margret Yama, Docas ​Yakubu, Rhoda ​Peter, Rifkatu Galang, Saratu ​Ayuba, Naomi ​Adamu, Hauwa ​Ishaya, Rahap ​Ibrahim, Deborah Soloman, Hauwa ​Mutah, Hauwa ​Takai, Serah ​Samuel, Aishatu Musa, Aishatu Grema, Hauwa ​Nkeki, Hamsatu Abubakar, Mairama Abubakar, Hauwa ​Wule, Ihyi ​Abdu, Hasana Adamu, Rakiya ​Kwamtah, Halima ​Gamba, Aisha ​Lawan, Kabu ​Malla, Yayi ​Abana, Falta ​Lawan, and Kwadugu Manu.

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1,480 responses to “Please Pick One

  1. connie diehl

    I have chosen Rebeca Joseph to hold up in prayer. The Holy Spirit also lead me to the name Lydia Simon. I will be praying sincerely for these girls by name and for all of the girls as a group. May our Lord surround them. God have mercy on the souls of their captors, and may these men be convicted by the Holy Spirit to let these girls go.

  2. Barbara Shaffer

    Kabu Malla

  3. Kauna Lalai

  4. Deborah Amos
    Deborah Abge

  5. Eli Joseph

  6. Thank you, Jan. Kwadugu Manu….

  7. Serah Samuel is the girl I chose. I’m not a praying person, but I will keep her in my thoughts and hope for the best for her and her family who love and miss her so much.

  8. Rifkatu Soloman

  9. Saratu ​Emmanuel

  10. Rhoda Peter. (Rhoda is actually my first name although I have seldom used it). I will also send the list out to all my Prayer Chains (FL, NY and NZ) and ask them to each pick a name. What a great idea!

  11. Ruth Joshua and Esther John

  12. Comfort Amos, that she may be comforted.
    Tabitha Silas, that she may be raised up.

  13. Naomi Zakaria

  14. Ruth Joshua

  15. Deborah ​Abge

  16. I have chosen: Hauwa Tella. The meaning of her name means: Divine, God, Goodness, Truth, Unconditional love, Gift, Free will, Ideal, Whole, Endless. I will pray for all of the young women ❤

  17. Fatima ​Tabji. I prayed for a little girl named Fatima who lived in Iraq when the United States was preparing to go to war in March 2003.

  18. I chose Esther Ayuba.

  19. Mairama Yahaya

  20. Sheryl De Pree

    Amina Ali

  21. Glory Yaga

  22. Debora Yahonna

  23. I have passed this on to my circle of friends and acquaintances.

  24. I will pray for Esther ​Usman

  25. Mary Dauda

  26. Naomi Zakaria. I like her name. It has a certain ring to it and I pray for her safety and that of the others.

  27. Hamsatu Abubakar, I am praying for you!

  28. Abigail Bukar. My daughter’s name is Abigail. I am praying for her Mom as well. Cannot imagine the fear and heartache.

  29. Hadiza ​Yakubu You are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray you and the rest of the girls are found and brought home to your families soon ❤

  30. Margret

  31. Mairama Abubakar

  32. Rejoice Sanki

  33. Cyndie Crowell

    Rifkatu Galang

    • I chose her too 😉 Praying for kindness among the men, for a glimmer of hope in each day, for her parents as they try and fathom what this could become, for her fellow girls that they could bond together when scared, and for a quick safe return.

  34. Thank you for this, Jan! I am praying for Yayi ​Abana.

  35. I pick Ruth Kollo. Her name called out to me. Lord, in your mercy…

  36. Im praying for Saraya ​Amos – Her name means contentious or quarrelsome- hopefully it shows that she’s a fighter. ❤

  37. Praying for Ruth Kollo here in Niger!

  38. In your mercy, Lord… Laraba John

  39. Kelley Wegeng

    Mary Yakubu

  40. Solomi Titus

    • Stephanie Beckham

      Lord please wrap your loving healing hands of protection around them all! In Jesus’s name I pray AMEN!

  41. Margret Yama. My daughter and I both share the middle name Margaret. Praying.

  42. Donna Lee Jahn Merz

    I chose Blessing Abana. Her last name is similar to ‘abundance’. For her and for the others, I pray for freedom, healing, and an abundance of blessings.

    • I also chose Blessing ​Abana. Dear God, wrap your Holy Arms around dear Blessing and let her feel your safety and power. Bring her safely home free of injury with a newfound knowledge of your power, love and sovereignty

  43. Solomi Titus

  44. Tabitha Hyelampa. Lord, in your mercy…

  45. Elizabeth Morris

    I picked Rebecca Joseph.🙏

  46. Emily Chandler

    Praying for Naomi Abidu. Sending power and blessing.

  47. I am praying for Saratu Emmanuel. Her name inspires me to think “God with us”. This little girl needs to know that she is not alone. Her first name in some languages mean “in agreement”. So I will pray in agreement of others that God has Saratu and all the other girls his care. Lord God-protect, defend these children and defeat the enemy which has taken them. Show the girls the way of escape. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  48. I will pray for Tabitha Pogu

  49. I picked Yayi Abana. I will be praying for Yayi daily in addition to praying for all the girls who were kidnapped. Please join me.

  50. Lydia Emmar. (My own two daughters are named Lydia and Emma)

  51. Docas Yakabu

  52. I will be praying for Amina Ali along with the unnamed girls and the eight who were taken today.

  53. Ruth Kollo.

  54. Ramona Washington Mayo

    Hauwa Wule!

  55. Asabe Ali

  56. I’m praying for Mary Amor.

  57. Glory Yaga

  58. I am praying God’s protection over Rejoice Musa. I praise God for the victory that is to come when all of our children are returned home to their families. To God be the glory!

    • I will pray for Mary Yaqkubu, Mary Ali and Mary Paul. May God bless them, give them courage and strength to endure, keep them safe and return them to their families. May they know that the love and protection of God is with them. Evil will not prevail when the righteous pray.

  59. Racheal Nkeki

  60. Praying for Febi Haruna’s safe return and healing.

  61. I will pray for Solimi Titus as she shares my name. God make your presence clearly known to all of your children. We seek your grace & mercy.

  62. Margret Watsai

  63. Iza from Mexico

    Febi ​Haruna

  64. I picked Naomi ​Adamu to pray for

  65. Mary Jane Cornell

    Godiya Bitrus

  66. Ellen Crawford True

    Comfort Amos

  67. I will pray for Aisha Lawan. God, have mercy…

  68. Muli ​Waligam

  69. Febi ​Haruna

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  71. Nancy Nichols

    Rifkatu Galang

  72. I chose Maimuna Usman.

  73. Dawnn Wallace

    I am praying for Aisha ​Ezekial. Aisha means “alive” in Arabic, and I pray fervently in Jesus’ name that Aisha is alive, unharmed, and quickly granted her freedom.

  74. I have forwarded this to our newsletter editor. Many thanks, Jan for this tangible way to involve ourselves in their lives.

  75. Marie LaBella

    I pick Grace Paul because by the Grace of God she will be found

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  77. Stephanie Chandler

    Praying for Lugwa Mutah and passing this along!

  78. Abdoul Azize Sarki

    My prayers to all the girls. May the God of grace free them in Jesus name.

  79. Naomi Philimon- May your grace and mercy be on these girls Lord. Please bring them back to their families in the name of Jesus.

  80. Sharon Kondas

    Praying for Saraya Manuel

  81. Praying for Ruth Amos.

  82. I chose Juliana ​Yakubu and Suzana ​Yakubu

  83. I pray in a very special way for Maryamu Musa.

  84. I select Rejoice Sanki because in your freedom by the collective power of prayer, I and those who love you and all the other captive girls, will rejoice.

  85. Maureen Mackey-Colon

    My prayer is for Maryamu Musa.

  86. Linda Siegenthaler

    Tabitha ​Silas is the one I pick, May God be with her always

  87. I’ll be praying for the Unknown Names. They may be Unknown to the world, but they have names which their families and God know. I’ll pray for them.

  88. Saraya ​Mal Stover

  89. Prayers for Hana ​Stephen. As I think of my own daughter Hannah.

  90. I pick Saraya ​Amos since we have the same last name.

  91. Tricia Dykers Koenig

    Luggwa ​Sanda

  92. Deborah Jafaru

  93. Lorena Engvall White

    Kwadugu Manu

  94. Julianna Yakubu

  95. Juliana ​and Suzana ​Yakubu

  96. Maryamu Yakubu

  97. I am praying for Christiana Bitrus and Ruth Bitrus. I’m guessing they may be sisters. Lord please protect these girls. Keep them strong.

  98. I am praying for Hasana Adamu.

  99. Sylvia Thorson-Smith

    Ruth Ishaka — but then I saw two girls named Rejoice (Musa and Sanki), and I must pray for them — plus Comfort Abana. Those four, and all of the others!

  100. I’m praying for Rebecca Kabu

  101. Falta ​Lawan

  102. Lydia and Confort Habila

  103. Hauwa ​Isuwa – here is the amazing thing….Hauwa Ibrahim is a Nigerian human rights lawyer…. may it be so…

  104. Kauna Lalai

  105. Na’omi ​Bitrus, Godiya ​Bitrus, Awa ​Bitrus

    I do not know if these three girls are sisters, but their names were listed in order. I am one of three sisters.

    I pray that God give Na’moi, Godiya, and Awa strength to sustain and feel His presence, to not give up, and to find a way home. Amen.

    • My children and I each chose two to pray for:

      Glory Yaga
      Gloria Mainta

      Rahap Ibrahim
      Eli Joseph

      Saraya Paul
      Abigail Bukar

      May light triumph over darkness.

  106. Praying for Laraba ​Yahonnaui; Her first name means Wednesday’s daughter

  107. I’m praying for Aisha Lawan. Peace be upon you.

  108. Praying for Gloria Mainta and Helen Musa.

  109. I’m praying for Juliana ​Yakubu and Suzana ​Yakubu

  110. I pick Ruth Nglader.

  111. Lisa Veglahn

    Margret Yama

  112. Ruth Ishaku

  113. I am praying for Awa Bitrus. May God protect you dear one, and bring you home to your family, friends, school, the things a girl your age should be involved in.

  114. Saraya Yanga I will pray for you! Protection of God Almighty.

  115. I will pray for Lydia Habila.

  116. Saraya Yanga

  117. I am praying fervently for Abigail Bukar….she has my daughter’s first name and my maiden name initials. Thank you for giving us a tangible way to help in an awful situation.

  118. I’m focusing my prayers for Glory Yaga.

  119. Na’omi, I am praying for you!

  120. Carrie Shoop

    I picked Rebecca Luka

  121. Mary Yakubu

  122. Sarah M Frueh

    Serah Samuel

  123. This is AMAZING. Thank you.

  124. I am praying for Saraya Musa

  125. I will pray for Amina ​Ali.

  126. Ruth Amos

  127. I picked Grace Paul for some reason her name jumped right out to me. I will pray for her and all the girls. May God free them all in Jesus Name

  128. Suzana Yakubu you are missed by all that know you and by those who do not… are in my thoughts

  129. I will pray for Juliana Yakubu. Lord, in your mercy…

  130. Esther John, my mother and my son’s names. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayers.

  131. Hauwa ​Takai my heart is with you.

  132. Suzana ​Yakubu will be in my thoughts and prayers, along with all of the girls and the others taken yesterday,,,,

  133. Virginia Howard

    I chose Comfort ​Amos to keep constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Until she is found and returned home to her family. May the Lord bless her and keep her safely in his embrace.
    xo ❤☀🙏👼

  134. Cyndi Downing

    Ladi Paul

  135. Hauwa Kwakwi

  136. Since I have 3 babies I am going to pick three names to focus on. Eli Joseph, Lydia Simon, and Grace Paul. I picked names that were easy to remember because they are names of people I love.
    Eli is my husband’s name, Joseph is my brother’s name, Lydia is a dear friends daughter’s name, Grace is my first born’s middle name and Paul is my dear friend’s son’s name.

  137. Lydia ​Simon I’m praying for you!!
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May He show His face to you and be merciful to you.
    May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.

  138. Ruth Amos

  139. Saratu Dauda

  140. Haha Stephen and Suzana Yakubu (My husband and I share your names) and we will place you in God’s loving and secure arms until you are returned to your families and we will hold them in prayer also.

  141. Cyndee Randall

    I will be praying for Esther Ayuba and the Unknown Names, because God knows them each by name.

  142. Sallie Brown

    Ladi ibrahim

  143. I picked Margret Shettima

  144. Tabitha ​Silas. And God knows them all.

  145. I am praying for Pindar Nuhu and all of the girls, both known and unknown.

  146. I am holding Hamatsu Abubakar in The Light. Her last name means noble.

  147. Hauwa ​Takai – Lord, show your mercy and power.

  148. Yana Joshua

  149. Langdon Hubbard

    I’m praying for Muwa Daniel and Talata Daniel. My son’s name is Daniel. I will never forget them.

  150. I will be praying for Aisha Lawan whose name is so like my granddaughter’s Kasia Lujan.

  151. I chose Mary, Jummai, and Saraya Paul. (Paul is a family name.)

  152. Saraya Amos…praying for your safety and return. May Jesus be with you and comfort you. May no harm come to you. In Jesus name Amen.

  153. Ruth Joshua. As she shares my husband and brothers names, as I think of them I’ll be reminded to pray for her and her family and all the girls missing and will be missing. And pray that the country can do something to stop the kidnappings.

  154. Elyse Lottier

    Debora Yahonna

  155. I will pray for Comfort Amos’ safe return to her home and family.

  156. Praying for you dear Jummai ​Paul.

  157. Mwa Malam Pogu.

  158. Kari Mathiason

    Dear Lord, please keep Mary ​Yahona safe in Your loving arms. I pray she is reunited with her family soon.

  159. Christine Scott- Hudson

    Glory Yaga

  160. I will pray for Saraya Yanga… and for all these girls and their families.

  161. Praying for Juliana Yakuba

  162. Deborah Soloman and all these girls and their families are in my prayers.

  163. Amina Ali and Tabitha Silas

  164. Blessing ​Abana – praying that the Lord will bless her in the midst of her captivity, and use her to be a blessing to the other girls.

  165. Esther Ayuba in honor of my oldest daughter is Esther, Margret Watsai in honor of my daughter Margaret, and Hasana Adamu in honor of my daughter Janessa.

  166. I will be praying for Yayi ​Abana, and Godiya ​Bitrus

  167. Reblogged this on Spokalulu and commented:
    I found this post to be worthy of reposting. Please consider joining me. I’ve chosen to pray for Rejoice Musa and her family.

  168. I will pray for Kwadugu Manu! Thank you for sharing so we can together cover these precious girls in prayer.

  169. I will be praying for Ruth ​Lawan. My daughter’s middle name is Ruth.


    Fatima Tabji

  171. Praying for Juliana ​Yakubu and Suzana ​Yakubu.

  172. Praying for Grace Paul

  173. Christy Yahi. We share a name.

  174. I will pray for Grace Paul that the Grace of God will be with her. I will pray for a the girls as well. Mercy!!

  175. Anne Marie Manning

    Blessing Abana and Comfort Amos

  176. Rebeca Burnett

    Praying for Rebecca Luka.

  177. Lauren Stanley

    Saratu Dauda.

  178. I will pray for Awa ​James. May she feel God’s presence and know that she is known, she is loved. she is valued.

  179. Karen Thompson

    I chose Salomi ​Pogu – may the Lord surround her with His love and peace. Thank you for this page.

  180. I delight to pray for Abigail Bukar and Muwa Daniel.

  181. Cassie Grasty

    I picked Ruth bitrus

  182. Arlene Riordan

    I picked Juliana ​Yakubu. Lord Jesus please watch over all these girls, give them strength to endure what they’re going through and soften the hearts of their captors. Mother Mary please hold them in your arms and I pray for your intercession on their behalf for their safety.

  183. Na’omi ​Luka
    One of our 2013 graduates was Na’ami; she’s enjoying life in Israel this year so I picked a girl with a similar name, in hopes she will be able to enjoy her life again soon. ❤

  184. Shawna Stewart

    I picked Lydia Emmar

  185. Brian Anderson

    Jummai John

    God be with her and deliver her.

  186. Margret Shettima is the girl I commit to pray for.

  187. I chose Kwanta Simon

  188. I choose Ruth Ishaku–Lord, please have mercy upon Ruth. Protect her and let her feel your presence. And Lord, comfort her family. Lead the world to her captors–and bring them all home.

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  190. Comfort Habila

  191. I pick Luggwa Samuel.

  192. Thanks so much for giving us a way to make this personal. I’m praying for Mairama Yahaya.

  193. I am praying for Esther ​Ayuba.

  194. Ladi Wadai, I pray for you.

  195. Monica Enoch. A dear friend is named Monica, and Enoch means “dedicated” which is one of the traits I value most in myself and others.

  196. Barbara Reed

    Comfort Amos I pray for your safe return

  197. Hard to pick a single one… I choose Ruth Ishaku and Nguba Buba and will be praying for all of them as well.

  198. I chose Kwadugu Manu.

  199. Naomi Adamu, Monica Enoch; Unknown Names of the girls.

  200. Naomi ​Zakaria & Hanatu ​Musa. May The Lord protect you and your friends, and bring you all home soon.

  201. Thank you for doing this. Rifkatu ​Amos

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  203. I chose Zara Ishaku.

  204. I choose to pray for Hamsata Abubakar. God is more powerful than terrorists and hears the groans of the children.

  205. I will pray for Laraba ​Yahonna. Lord protect her and set her free unharmed

  206. I selected Lydia Simon…and I commit to pray for her daily.

  207. Having be born and lived in Nigeria so many names on the list are familiar and could very well be related to someone I know. I pray for them all but will I pray for Saratu ​Ayuba. May God be with her and protect her and bring her peace.

  208. Christina Tutterow

    Awa James

  209. Maryamu Bulama

  210. Revd Dr Susanna Metz

    I will pray for Suzana ​Yakubu. May those who have done this heinous act see how terrible it is and return these girls to their families. I pray for her life and safety.

  211. I will pray for Hasana Adamu that the Lord will protect
    and free her from her captors.

  212. livingoutloud77

    Aisha Lawan

  213. Brooke Williams

    Deborah Soloman I pray for God to protect her bring her home. To give her strength to endure what ever she’s going through as they try to bring her home. To protect her holy temple, (body) and spirit. Give her hope and her family hope, and bring them all home.

  214. Solomi Titus, Rebecca Joseph, and Margret Yama. I have three daughters, so I want to pray for three daughters. Great idea.

  215. Hanatu ​Ishaku Gloria ​Dama I hold you safe in my heart.

  216. Marti Williams

    I choose Deborah Jafaru and Lydia Habila. Father God, please your presence known to these two precious daughters of Yours and may you bring them to freedom!

  217. Marti Williams

    I choose Deborah Jafaru and Lydia Habila. Father God, please make your presence known to these two precious daughters of Yours and may you bring them to freedom!

  218. I choose Mary Amor. I’m not sure of the meaning of her last name (Amor) in her language (most likely Hausa) but in Spanish it is “love” and reminds me of our motto and our commitment, “in all things, love.”

  219. Kwadugu Manu

  220. Beth Ann Cook

    Esther Joshua Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers!

  221. I have 2 children so outside of praying for ALL of these girls I chose 2 girls to pray specifically for: Rebeca Joseph and Rebecca Mallum.

  222. Filo Dauda.

  223. I pick Sereh Samuel

  224. Naomi adamu

  225. I will pray for Kwadugu Manu

  226. Prayer for Blessing Abana

  227. I’ll pray for Deborah Solomon – her name means “bee” in Hebrew. Hopefully she’ll be wiser than Solomon and that her countenance would be like the wise prophetess Deborah…praying her captives feel the beesting of such awful acts as taking these girls and return them home….before they know the pain of their horrible judgment for Eternity.

  228. I have never been to this blog before, but I will join in this amazing prayer group.

    I am praying for Rifkatu Yakubu – because her name jumped out at me.

  229. I am praying for Juliana Yakubu and Christiana Bitrus. I ask the Lord to keep them safe and return them to their families, along with all the other girls.

  230. I chose Monica Enoch as my one, but I will be lifting all of them in prayer.

  231. Sa’fiya Abdu is my girl! May The Lord of all comfort and strength be present with these girls!

  232. strategicteaching

    Blessing ​Abana

  233. I will be praying for Saraya ​Amos. Thank you for doing this!

  234. I pick Hauwa, Rhoda and Deborah Peter – my ancestral last name. May God protect you.

  235. Deborah Peter has spoken to me. I will pray for her.

  236. I am praying for Lugwa ​Mutah. My heart goes out to all the families.

  237. Brian Hooper

    Naomi ​Philimon, for personal reasons, because of my work with street kids I chose this young girl, Naiomi. I will pray that God, Who is able, will protect and use her to show the world His mighty power.

  238. I pick Margret Watsai. Prayers for her safety and safe return.

  239. Rejoice Sanki. And the un-named girls. For a safe and swift end to this ordeal.

  240. I am praying for two girls by name as I have two daughters and of course for the entire group of girls – praying for Saraya Samuel and Blessing Abana

  241. I pick Rhoda John.

  242. I choose Serah ​Samuel, but I am trusting & praying that our mighty & powerful God will help all these girls!!!

    • I chose Luggwa Samuel. I see you chose Serah Samuel. Perhaps they are sisters? I am sure all of us are praying for ALL of them but I do like this idea of focusing my prayers on this one girl. Sending her light & love. Praying for her to be strong & survive. I am a survivor or PTSD. May God bless you Lori.

  243. I am praying for Eli Joseph. Most gracious and merciful Father, I ask you to send angels of protection to Eli and her family. Let the angels be with here to comfort her Lord and keep her safe. May your loving arms of Mercy guide her to safety and the Holy Spirit be a healing balm. Let the the world leaders have compassion and determination to work for the good of all these young ladies especially Eli. Lord, I also pray for all the unnamed girls. Amen.

  244. Rifkatu Soloman and Pindar Nuhu

  245. Blessing Abana

  246. Saraya ​Musa

  247. Madelyn Sergel

    Maryamu Musa. Sending you love, strength and courage. Sending your family my comfort.

  248. Praying for Rachel Nkeki.

  249. I choose Naomi ​Philimon, and I will pray for all the girls. Also for the hearts of their oppressors to be turned away from evil.

  250. Maryamu Musa, and all the Mary’s; praying for the presence and comfort of the Mother Mary with them, and for the love of God surrounding them.

  251. Awa James. Be strong in the face of evil, Awa. I am praying for you daily.

  252. Monica Enoch – I hold you in my heart.

  253. Racheal Nkeki

  254. I will pray for those that are unnamed.

  255. I pick Blessings Abana – hoping that she will be the doctor, teacher or lawyer she aspires to be. I am sending you my love and heart felt hope
    dear Blessings and the protection of the goddess.

  256. Suzy Shallowhorn

    I will pray for all of these girls, most especially Naomi ​Adamu

  257. I picked Hamsatu Abubakar and Mairama Abubakar because I am hoping they are sisters and are there for each other. I also picked them because I couldn’t pronounce their names and they were buried in the list. I pray that they become the unsung heroes of their own lives and that they will find freedom in their lives, now and in the future.

  258. I choose Ihyi Abdu. Thank you for the list.

  259. Amanda Durant

    Tabitha Silas

  260. Margret Watsai

  261. Amanda Durant

    Comfort Amos. My son’s name is Amos.

  262. Tammy Decker

    Praying for Margaret Shettima and Ladi Joel by name as well the many others.

  263. Kathi Branahl

    I will pray for Juliana Yakabu.

  264. Ruth Amos

  265. I’m praying for Ladi Paul and Mary Paul, perhaps sisters? And their mother.I can’t imagine…

  266. Christy Todd

    Christy ​Yahi

  267. Esther Usman – Usman means “the Chosen one” in Arabic.

  268. Rebecca Mallum, Rebecca Kabu, Rebecca Luka, Rebecca Joseph

  269. Esther Markus

  270. Jennifer Crewe

    Miamuna Usman i will pray for your return to your home.

  271. Angela Madden

    I will pray for the 8 more who were kidnapped yesterday!

  272. I choose Esther Aybua

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  274. Maryamu Musa – Maryamu Wavi – Maryamu Lawan. Praying for your safety and salvation, both temporal and eternal.

  275. Aishatu Grema God grant her peace, strength and courage to overcome her circumstances. I also will be praying for her family.
    Martha Melton

  276. Luggwa Samuel

  277. Deborah Soloman

  278. I will pray for Ladi Ibrahim.

  279. Praying for Helen ​Musa in memory of my grandmother.

  280. Aisha Ezekial. But holding all of these and their families, that they may be sustained by their faith, protected from (further) harm, and released safely and soon.

  281. Esther ​John

  282. I’m praying for Aishatu Grema

  283. Zara ​Ishaku but will pray for all these girls that they will returned safely to their families.

  284. Lydia Habila

  285. Wilma van Schelven

    Falta lawan.

  286. Barbara Potter

    I will for you Christy Yahi….I am trusting my Lord and Savior to bring you home safely. I have a 17yr old granddaughter with this same first name and I couldn’t imagine this happening to her. You are a precious soul and I will also be praying for your family.

  287. I had to pick two.
    Margret Watsai and Margret Yama
    I chose them for a special Margret in my life.

  288. I’m praying for Mwa Malam.

  289. Ann Marie Holliday

    I picked Esther ​Usman. I will pray for all of them, but her in particular.

  290. Abigail Bukar
    May the lord protect you and bring you swiftly and safely home to your loved ones.

  291. Esther ​Joshua

  292. Mary Dauda is in my prayers…..

  293. Abigail Bukar

  294. I will pray with all my heart for awa abge.

  295. Leslie Lemmon

    Rhoda Peter

  296. Rebecca Luka…Lord in your mercy

  297. I am praying for Yana Yidau….may God, who is able, protect Yana and return her to her family!

  298. Lydia Emmar – may you somehow feel the love, Grace and protection of God. I’m praying for you girl!!!

  299. I will be praying for Zara Ishaku and Ruth Ishaku. I may not be able to name them all, but when I pray the Lord will know that I am also praying for all the lost and missing girls. He knows the words that we cannot speak and I strongly believe in prayer. Please keep us updated if any of these girls are found

  300. Saraya Paul…praying for all of these precious girls.

  301. I will pray for Rejoice Musa, asking God to protect her and bring her rejoicing back to her family. I pray that in the midst of their circumstances, that somehow, sweet Rejoice would bring joy to the girls around her, in spite of the fear they are facing. Rejoice, you are a beautiful, loved, child that God loves more than you could possibly imagine. Praying over you today and until you are brought safely home!

  302. Elisha Howell

    Na’omi Luka

  303. Lydia ​Habila – God keep you safe in all places, in all ways.

  304. I will pray for Saratu ​Emmanuel. God with them all.

  305. Maimuna Usman may you find your way home safely and unharmed.

  306. Juliana Yakubu

  307. Yana Bukar-May you feel the presence of God even in your darkest days.

  308. Praying for Rahila Yahanna and her family.

  309. Maimuna Usman

  310. Saraya Mal Stover and Mary Dauda

  311. Amy VanEssendelft

    Awa James

  312. Praying for Laraba John & the others.

  313. Praying for Maryamu Bulama.

  314. Ihyi Abdu

  315. I will say prayers for Rifkatu Yakubu, Rifkatu Soloman and Rebeca Joseph.

  316. I will pray for Laraba John and her family.

  317. Glory Yaga. Whose name rolls off my tongue. May she be safe. May she come home.

  318. Helene Poletti

    I choose Kwadugu Manu And will pray in her name for all of them

  319. Mary ​Yahona
    I will pray for you until I see you have been rescued…soon is not soon enough…May the Lord give you His peace, comfort, and safety during this time…

  320. Ellen Sechrest

    I choose Glory Yaga…Lord have mercy, hear our prayers.

  321. Kabu Malla

  322. Laura Thewalt

    Muli ​Waligam

  323. Suzana ​Yakubu

  324. Maryamu Bulama.

  325. Praying for Racheal Nkeki and Esther Joshua

  326. Luggwa Samuel.
    Precious girl, be strong. Have faith. I hold you in my heart.

  327. Na’omi ​Yahonna

  328. Ruth and Christiana Bitrus in honor of my two lovely daughters.

  329. Praying for Saraya Yanga.

  330. I will pray for the girls whose names aren’t listed, but are among the count of the missing.

  331. Mary Sule. I have told friends about this idea even before I saw this post. Great to see I was not the only one to have this idea.

  332. Suzana ​Yakubu

  333. My baby girl’s name is Susannah, so I will pray for Suzana ​Yakubu.

  334. Muwa Daniel. (Daniel meaning “God is my judge”

  335. Praying for the safe rescue of Naomi Philimon.

  336. Yes I will pray for Deborah Soloman

  337. I am praying for Deborah Amos.. She has the first name of my best friend who is a beautiful person inside and out. Deborah Amos be strong and may god comfort you. I will pray for you and all the others.

  338. I will pray for Filo ​Dauda by name as well as all the others.

  339. I am lifting Saraya Musa up in prayer, praying for God’s protection over her and for her safe return…

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  341. I pick Rejoice ​Musa

  342. Praying for Deborah ​Abari and all the girls.

  343. Tabitha Silas

  344. We will pray for Aisha ​Ezekial.

  345. Love the concept! I will pray for all, particularly Mary Yakubu because she was given the most famous biblical heroine’s name.

  346. Lydia Emmar, Awagana Musa, Saraya Yanga and Esther Usman. I think I will read the provided list in prayer as list. It’s hard to just pick one….they all need us! ❤

  347. tesoritrovati4800

    Amina Ali and Saraya Musa and all girls everywhere who deserve love and respect.

  348. Abigail Bukar and Sicker Abdul

  349. Marianela Martinez

    Abigail Buckar you will be in my heart and prayers. Abigail is the name of one of my best Mexican ESL student. Met her in KG and she is in 10th grade now and we are working together to make sure she gets into a good college so she can become a dentist in the future. Praying for both.

  350. Rebecca Mallum.
    So Say We All!

  351. Christiana Bitrus

  352. Reblogged this on thatstorygirl and commented:
    Praying For Rebecca Mallum. How about you?

  353. I will pray for Juliana ​Yakubu and Suzana ​Yakubu–sound like sisters. I have two girls myself. Praying for their protection, freedom from fear, and safe return.

  354. Rose Mary Muirhead

    Mary Ali

  355. I am praying for Solomi Titus. My heart breaks for these young women. May God keep them safe and sound. May his Angel armies protect them.

  356. Marianela Martinez

    Sorry, correction: her last name is Bukar.

  357. Patiant ​Dzakwa

  358. Julie Weissend

    I pick Mary Paul in honor of the people I love more than anything. Praying for you all.

  359. Praying for Yana Bulcar

  360. I picked Deborah Abge and now have her name hanging by my desk at work.

  361. I will be praying for Ruth Joshua by name

  362. Sarah Whitlock

    I eill pray for Na’omi Bitrus!

  363. Serah ​Samuel, I am lifting your name and your family to God for your safe return. May He grant you peace and strength. God bless you!

  364. I closed my eyes, moved the mouse around, and opened them where it had stopped, at Margret Yama’s name. I didn’t know how else to choose. All of them are somebody’s daughters.

  365. I will be praying for Blessing Abana

  366. Praying for Aisha and Falta Lawan.

  367. Julie Kaijser

    I pick Ladi Paul and Mary Paul. Guessing they are sisters. I have two daughters myself.

  368. I will be praying for Rebecca Luka

  369. Ruth Lawan and the families of all

  370. Awagana Musa, Hauwa Musa, Palmata Musa–I am praying

  371. I will be praying for Halima Gamba. Protect her and all the other missing girls. Give them strength and courage.

  372. Christiana Bitrus I pick you for my prayers. I will pray for you, your family and this situation.

  373. Praying for Lydia ​Emmar

  374. Rebecca Luka

  375. Glory Yaga

  376. Rebecca Coulson

    I picked Naomi Zakaria.

  377. Aisha Lawan held in Love

  378. Yana ​Bukar….. God calls you His Beloved
    Father God, You see where these children are and I ask that you send a swift and mighty army to rescue

  379. Praying for Lydia Simon ❤

    Lord Jesus, may you wrap your loving arms arounds this young girl; protecting her, comforting her. Lord Jesus, I pray these young ladies will feel your loving presence surround them day after day.

    *Heavenly Father in Your name I pray these young girls are safely returned home to their families.*

  380. I chose Tabitha ​Hyelampa

  381. Ruth Amos

  382. Hana Stephen

    • I will pray for Hana Stephen, also. Father God, the ALMIGHTY, I pray in the name of Jesus for the safe return of this young girl and EVERY SINGLE ONE of those missing. Holy Spirit, I ask for You peace that passes all understanding to guard her heart, her families and the people that have been impacted by this tragic injustice on the lives that You have created… Daddy, I also pray forgiveness on these deceived perpetrators and the people that they represent, may they have a radical transformation and come to know Your peace and true love. You are the only one, Jesus, who can judge them, but we know Your blood was shed for every life, even those of our enemies…. I pray for restoration of what has been taken and for complete transformation and knowledge of God’s love…

  383. Cathy Fisher

    Helen Musa

  384. Hauwa Yirma, Hauwa Abdu – couldn’t pick just one. My prayers are with these two girls and all of the rest.

  385. Hauwa ​Joseph

  386. Rejoice Musa

  387. Ladi ​Paul

  388. Cheryl Parks

    I chose Lydia Simon that was my mother in laws name I will also be praying for her mother and loved ones to feel Gods love and the worlds prayer during this this horrible ordeal

  389. I pick Dorcas Yakubu

  390. Christy Yahi- and all of the girls

  391. Lisa L Freeman

    I will pray for Rebecca Luca

  392. Joyce Litoff

    I had the list of names with me today at the Baha’i House of Worship near Chicago, and I prayed for each one.

  393. Mary Paul

  394. I pick Talata Daniel.

  395. I picked Jummai ​John. I will pray for her and all of the girls.

  396. Rebecca Kabul

  397. Trenton Morris

    Ruth ​Lawan

  398. Solomi ​Titus – Two biblical names…Her name just stood out to me. Solomon, we think of as a wise man and Titus means “pleasing”. She must be a wonderful person. I’m praying that she and all the other girls that were kidnapped, be found and returned home!

  399. Esther John

  400. Denise Prince -Hinton

    I am praying for Ruth Joshua! GOD protect this child from all hurt & return her to her loved ones. In the mighty marvelous name of Jesus! Amen Amen Amen

  401. Valene LaRee Allen

    Maryamu Bulama

  402. Christy Yahi

  403. Libby Monaco

    Serah Samuel, Rebecca Joseph. Holding them in my heart

  404. Lea Magruder

    Luggwa Sanda

  405. Praying for Naomi ​Adamu

  406. Naomi ​Philimon, Hana Stephen.

  407. Michelle Armster

    Mairama Abubakar

  408. Hana ​Stephen and Suzana ​Yakubu …thinking of my sister Hannah and my daughter Suzanna.

  409. Heather Elicker

    What about the other 96 not listed. Lord I’ll pray for 1, you know who she is.

  410. James Vanderlaan

    I will pray for Rejoice Sanki.

  411. Yayi Abana in my thoughts

  412. I will pray for Jummai John which means “Daughter born on Friday”. The children’s poem says “Friday’s child is loving and giving”. Lord I pray that Jummai will be delivered and that she will be granted love and receive protection from You. Provide her with salvation from You, the One who truly Loves and Gives all for us. Let her grow up to be one of Yours, with her hands loving and giving to the needy around her.

  413. Ladi Wadai

  414. Glory Yaga

  415. Michelle McGowan

    Tabitha ​Silas, I will pray for you and your safe return to your family.

  416. I will pray for Monica Enoch. Monica is my confirmation name.

  417. Maureen Kehler

    Praying for Rakiya Kwamtah’s safe return to her family.

  418. Na’omi Luka

  419. Aisha Lawan and Falta Lawan

  420. Helen Musa and all the Unknown Names are my focus.

  421. Eli Joseph

  422. Oh God please help me choose…How do you choose..
    Naomi Philimon and Rejoice Musa ❤
    Will keep the others in my thoughts as well
    Thank you for all you're doing!

  423. Mary Ali, Ruth Amos, Deborah Amos, Saraya Yanga, Margaret Yama

  424. Kummai ​Aboku. Praying you are found safetly!

  425. Amy Lafayette

    Rhoda Peter

  426. Jennifer Coleman

    I’m praying for Na’omi ​Luka. Dear Father, please protect this young lady and send angels to comfort her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  427. Theresa loth

    I picked Esther Joshua

  428. Anthonia Yahonna, precious girl, I will be praying for you and your mother, especially.

  429. Saraya Mal Stover & Salomi Pogu.

  430. Lydia ​Habila

  431. Ladi Paul. May God be with you and protect you -always.

  432. Marcia Hauenstein

    Saraya Paul

  433. Lifting up Jummai John…Lord Jesus cover her with you love, presence, and protection.

  434. Our heavenly father hold these children of your close to your heart and send a message of peace. Comfort them and their families.

    1. Yana Joshua
    2. Rifkatu Amos
    3. Eli Joseph
    4. Hanatu Nuhu
    5. Serah Samuel
    6. Rakiya Kwamtah.

  435. I will pray for Mary Paul, may the Lord hold her in his hand and protect her from harm together with all the girls in captivity.

  436. Ruth Packard

    I am praying for Ruth Amos: for her return, her safety, and for peace.

  437. Nathan Kramm

    Awa James and Hana Stephen

  438. All of these girls are in my prayers especially Rejoice Musa. We will all Rejoice when they are all free.

  439. Carol Daley Daniel

    Carol Daley Daniel… I chose Talata Daniel…God knows her need. I pray that He will bless her and keep her in His Care. May He surround her with angels of protection. Amen

  440. I pick Rhoda Peter to pray for, along with all these girls and their families.

  441. I pick Maifa Dama. We are now in the month of May(Mai). May the powers that be, watch over her and have her safely returned to her family. Amen

  442. I will pray for Saratu Emmanuel.

  443. I have chosen Kwadugu Manu — but how do you choose? It does, however, make it more personal.

  444. Glory Yaga and Grace Paul

  445. Na’omi ​Bitrus I’ve chosen her and will pray for her. May they all come home soon.

  446. Muwa Daniel I pray for you, that you are safe, that God will comfort and strengthen you and that your captors will have mercy and let you go home to your family.

  447. Susan Wagner

    Hana Stephens. Please I pray that this little girl returns home safely to her family. Amen

  448. I will pray for Deborah & Awa Abge. Please, Jesus, help these girls!

  449. Loura Nugent

    I will pray for Amina Ali and Fatima Tabji. By their names I take them to be Muslim. I am Christian but I know our God cares for all these girls, so I choose to pray especially for these two.

  450. Patricia Brandon

    Blessing Abana and the un-named girls

  451. Michele Williams

    I ask god for mercy. For peace. For protection. I ask god to move in & bring back the girls. In Jesus alone we trust.

  452. Awa James. I have a daughter named Ava and a son named James. I will pray for her!

  453. I am literally crying, because how do you just pick one? Palmata Musa, Awagana Musa for now… I wonder if they are sisters?

  454. Sherry Harmon

    Awa James- In my heart and prayers. May Jesus wrap you in His arms, hold you close, and give you safety and protection and reunite you with your family.

  455. Monica Enoch. Lord have mercy.

  456. I will pray for Esther Markus.

  457. I chose Yani Yidau.

  458. Deborah Abge you are loved and precious. Lord reign over this situation.and give Deborah peace and protection

  459. Yayi Abana. I am praying for you, honey, and your worried family.

  460. I’m praying for Talata Daniel.

  461. Hanatau Ishaku

  462. Laura Anderson

    I choose Serah Samuel

  463. Bronwen Pope

    Glory Yaga, Na’omi Bitrus, Godiya Bitrus, Awa Bitrus, Na’omi Luka

  464. pinkapalooza

    Family with 3 daughters so we will each pray for one
    Esther Ysman
    Ruth Ngadar
    Juliana Yakubu
    Suzana Yakubu

  465. Wendy Hughes

    Rejoice Musa… You are with us, always.

  466. Rebecca Luka…you are in my prayers.

  467. pinkapalooza

    One for me and each of my daughters:
    Esther Usman
    Ruth Ngladar
    Juliana Yakubu
    Suzana Yakubu

  468. Debra Goebel

    I am praying for Deborah Peter. Heavenly Father, protect your daughter in the shelter of your wings and bring her safely home to the love of her family. Make her strong, make her courageous, heal her and bring her peace, Amen.

  469. Juliana ​Yakubu

  470. I will keep Rebeca Joseph on my heart and in my prayers…

  471. I will be praying for Saraya ​Yanga. And, as others have written, for her mother, for her family, for her siblings. May God enfold her in grace & mercy.

  472. I’m responsible for Jinka Yama

  473. I will pray for one of the ones not identified. She has a name, we just don’t know it.

  474. I will pray daily for Mary ​Sule

  475. I choose Aisha ​Lawan…. May she be blessed..

  476. Janice Tuzcan

    I pick Aisha Ezekial … I will keep heron my thoughts & prayers ..

  477. Praying for Saraya Musa

  478. I have picked Deborah Amos. May the Lord protect you little one, and may you experience grace far greater than man’s depravity!!!

  479. I am praying for Hguba Buba

  480. Juliana ​and Suzana ​Yakubu. I imagine they are sisters. And I also pray for their mother.

  481. Reblogged this on Terricha Bradley-Phillips and commented:
    I pick Rejoice Musa.

  482. Mary Ali, I am praying for you and your schoolmates. The Lord reminded me that there are nearly 100 girls who have no been named, so in my specific prayers I will also remember one of these girls. I don’t know her name but God does.

  483. Grace Paul, I will be praying for your freedom, your safe return to your family and full restoration of all that you have lost. May your future be far, far better than your past and may doors of opportunity open before you! Holy Spirit rise in power to release each of these girls. Please keep them supernaturally protected, encouraged and built up in you. May they know your presence like never before and may they experience your sovereign deliverance. Lord, yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever. You can and will do this and we bless you!

  484. Thank you for this. I will be praying for Saraya Musa.

  485. I pray for Lydia Emmar

  486. I picked Saratu ​Ayuba. Please Lord keep her safe and deliver her back to her home and her family.

  487. I am going to be praying for abugail Bukar

  488. Eli Joseph

  489. Yana Pogu

  490. Selina Penner

    We will pray for Seraya Yanga.

  491. Naomi Philimon.

    Thank you for this.

  492. Sandra Dycus

    Praying for Glory Yaga.

  493. I pick Lugwa Mutah. I pray for God’s divine protection over her and for His peace to wash over her. For the angels of heaven to do battle for her and that there would be a divine rescue for His Glory and His honor….

  494. I will pray for Palmata Musa.

  495. I am praying for Maryamu Bulama.

  496. Ashley Stamps Daniel

    Ruth Kollo

  497. Priscilla
    I will pray for you, Naomi Philimon

  498. I will pray for Aisha Lawan and the unnamed girls.

  499. Would it be helpful to have an excel spreadsheet for folks to see if there is a name that hasn’t been chosen? I’ve started it.

  500. My husband and I are praying for Hana ​Stephen, Hanatu Musa, and Rejoice Sanki.

  501. marta sanchez

    I pick Yana Yidau.

  502. Jennifer Chavez

    I shall pray for Margret Shettima. God please bring her home today.

  503. I will pray for Christiana Bitrus and Ruth Bitrus.

  504. Lynsey Orbegozo

    I will pray for Mary amor until she is returned to her family.

  505. Melody Barnes

    Laraba Paul. I am praying for you..

  506. Emily Flaherty

    Esther Ayuba

  507. With love and hope you will be with your family soon and that they will help you and your classmates.

  508. The link I gave a few minutes ago is incorrect (had to reupload) – I have uploaded a newer version.

  509. Arlene Repko

    Lugwa ​Mutah I am praying for you.

  510. I pick Saratu Emmanuel and one unnamed girl. Thank you for doing this! God will do the impossible!

  511. Praying fervently for Esther ​Usman.

  512. Rejoice Sanki

  513. Saraya ​Musa, Saraya ​Mal Stover, Saraya ​Paul, Saraya ​Amos, Saraya ​Samuel, Saraya ​Yanga. All beautiful daughters. Stay strong. Stay safe. Come back.

  514. Rahap Ibrahim.

  515. Reblogged this on Hannah Taylor and commented:
    This is a great way to focus on praying for the girls in Nigeria. Please look at this list of names and pick one girl to pray constantly for. Pray for her as if it were your sister or daughter.

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  517. Mary Fran Nordstrom

    Confort ​Habila

  518. I will be praying for Yana Joshua. My husband and I will continue praying for the unknown girls, as well.

  519. Hanatu Nuhu…. Kwanta Simon…Saraya Amos.
    Those are not just names. They are sisters…daughters…victims. I will pray for these girls that they are brought back to their families. That they are supernaturally protected by God’s holy angels. That they live, and in living, can heal from what has been done to them.

  520. My daughters and I are praying for Ladi Paul, Laraba Paul, Saraya Paul, and Mary Paul. We feel like they could be sisters so we will pray for each of them individually and for their family.

  521. Hadiza Yakubu, prayers for your peace, strength, and safety.

  522. Susan Hoffmann

    Maryamu Yakubu I am praying for you.

  523. Each of my little’s and I pcked the names Lydia Simon, Grace Paul and Sereh Samuel. So very heart breaking.

  524. Ladi ​Ibrahim

  525. Wanda Ferguson

    I am praying for Maimuna Usman and Rakiya ​Kwamtah. Lord Jesus please send your angels to surround these girls and protect and bring them home.

  526. Jinkai ​Yama

  527. I will pray for Christiana Bikus, that she be comforted and strengthened to endure whatever comes her way.

  528. Anne Krekelberg

    I picked Godiya ​Bitrus. May God protect her and keep her safe; may she come home soon

  529. I chose Maryamou Lawan, because it is close to my name (MaryAnn) and my sister (last name Lawson). That should help me remember. I pray for these girls to be restored!

  530. Rebecca Luka

  531. I’m praying for Esther ​Joshua,

  532. I will pray for Mairama Abubakar.

  533. I will pray for Aisha Ezekial
    Aisha Lawan and for everyone of these girls daily

  534. Naomi Philimon

  535. I am praying for Rhoda ​Peter.

  536. Praying for Rebecca Luka.

  537. Grace Paul

  538. Lydia Habilu and Grace Paul

  539. Kate Oldfield

    I will be praying for Na’omi Luka. May the Lord protect and comfort Na’omi and all the girls until they are brought home.

  540. Rejoice ​Sanki

  541. Lori Roberts

    I chose Ladi Wadai

  542. Deb Anderson

    I’m praying for Blessing Abana…May the Lord, Himself, be a shield about her and keep her from all harm. May He raise up a standard against those who have taken these girls and deliver each and every one of them back safely to their families.

  543. Racheal Nkeki.

  544. I am praying now for Rebecca Kabu……may God surround her with His peace & love, and release her from the evil attempting to harm her! Our God reigns!

  545. Cynthia Woolever

    Deborah Amos

  546. Anthonia Yahonna

  547. I chose Dorcas Yakubu and Falta Lawan.

  548. I choose Comfort Amos. May our Lord protect her and bring her home.

  549. Aishatu Grema…same initials as my daughter, because this is someone’s daughter!

  550. I picked Saraya ​Yanga

  551. I’m chose Blessing Abana! I pray she comes home to her family!

  552. Perhaps the name Musa is fairly common or perhaps the Musa girls are all related. I’m praying for each of you!! May God’s strength carry you and His love comfort you even as He sets the captive free!!

  553. I will pray for Rejoice Sanki

  554. Rejoice Musa; hoping that she and her family will be rejoicing one day soon in her return

  555. Na’omi Luka I will pray for you and your friends. Come home safely !

  556. Kathy Biederbeck

    Margret Yama – praying for her and her family.

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  558. I picked Kauna ​Lalai – “Kauna” means Love. I pray that she and her sisters are well. I prayer that the lord protects and comforts Kauna Lalai and her sisters. I pray that she and her sisters are brought home safe.

  559. I choose Saratu ​Markus because I don’t see that anyone else picked her.

  560. Palmata Musa- I pick you to cover in prayer.

  561. Kelly Kimberlin

    I picked Rebecca Kabu.

  562. Judith E Smullen

    Halima Ganda, may you and all your sisters in Nigeria and around the earth be freed from oppression and fear. God bless you, every one, and bring you home. . .

  563. I am praying for peace and safety for Solomi ​Titus.

  564. Praying for Blessing Adama.

  565. Kwadugu Manu, I pray that you will set your hope fully on the grace to be revealed to you. I pray for your family also.

  566. Racheal Nkeki I am praying for you, please be returned home safe and whole.

  567. I am praying for Naomi Zakaria

  568. Sharon Shirley

    Maryamu Wavi, I will pray for you and your family.

  569. Aishatu Musa
    And all 3 named Rebecca

  570. Dear Hauwa ​Yirma, may our Lord be your comfort and shield through these long days and nights, protecting you physically as well as mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Jesus bless you always. I look forward to meet you as soon as He brings us together. ❤ ❤ ❤

  571. Halima Gamba… Her name is similar to my daughter

  572. I will pray for Rejoice Sanki and for the other girls as well. May God watch over them and bring them back to their families.

  573. Anthonia Yahoma and Yanke Shittima

  574. Kwanta Simon

  575. Ronda Rabalais

    I will be praying for the safe return of all the girls, but I will start praying specifically for Rachael Nkeki. God please protect all of your sweet children that have been kidnapped from their families, Bring them home safely.

  576. Claudia Speziale

    I chose Blessing Abana

  577. Diane Ferrazzano

    Palmata Musa, Margaret Shettima, Maimuna Usman Me, and my family will lift your name to The Lord until you are returned to your families.

  578. ♥ Rejoice Musa, Mary Amor, Esther John ♥

  579. I will pray for Talata Daniel.

  580. Grace Paul
    May she be protected, filled with courage and brought home safely immediately.

  581. I will pray for Rejoice Sanki

  582. I choose Patiant Dzakwa.

  583. Saraya ​Mal Stover and Mary ​Dauda.

  584. I am praying for Na’omi Yahonna, as well as the rest of the young ladies. God bless each of them and their families.

  585. I’m praying for Yayi Abana, and the ones whose names God knows.

  586. I will hold Yayi ​Abana in my heart and prayers as well as the other daughters and sisters.

  587. My friend’s daughter, Esther, is not listed. I will be praying for her and her family. I will also pray for Ladi Wadai and her family. I also will pray for those who names do not appear on this list.

  588. I will pray for Solomi Titus and all of the other girls. May they safely be reunited with their families.

  589. Deborah ​Abari, whose last name — loosely translated — is a Swahili greeting meaning “What’s the news?”

  590. I picked Saratu Emmauel. I am praying for her and all the girls that our Emmanuel is protecting them.

  591. I will pray for Deborah Amos

  592. Saraya Amos

  593. Saraya Yanga

  594. christiannamiller2013

    I pray for you Hasana Adamu. For your safety, your peace, your hope, your tenacity, your courage, your purpose.

  595. I choose Kwadugu Manu. Protect and surround her, Lord Jesus.

  596. I’m praying fro Mary Yahona…

  597. I am praying for Blessing Abana, and All the girls until their safe return.

  598. I choose Suzana ​Yakubu.

  599. I will pray for Lady Paul.

  600. I kept looking for a name that no one else was praying for but then I realized it didn’t matter…these girls need all the prayers we can muster. And in honor of my husband who has had so many people praying for him, I chose Anthonia Yahonn

  601. Kristen Carroll

    Esther Joshua, and all…

  602. Kimberley McGill

    Asabe Manu

  603. Chuck Goodman

    I am praying for both Na’omi Bitrus and Na’omi Bitrus, presuming that there are two girls with the same name, or if a typo, then there’ll be double praying going on.

  604. We’re praying for Ruth ​Ngladar.

  605. Salomi Pogu. She’s my girl…praying for her safe return and recovery after…as well as her family.

  606. I pick Nguba ​Buba. May God surround her with his angels and keep her safe and return her home soon!

  607. Ruth Bitrus

  608. Blessing Abana–praying for her safe return, along with the other girls.

  609. I commit to pray diligently for Blessing Abana

  610. I will pray for Comfort Amos.

  611. Blessing Abana / she’s who I will pray for. Bring her back!

  612. Naomi Adamu

  613. I am praying for Deborah Abge

  614. Asabe Ali and all the girls in the group. God bless you and keep you.

  615. I chose Rejoice Musda, girl #84.

  616. Maimuna Usman

    I will breathe energy out to her…
    And try to breathe in her pain and fear.


  617. I’ve picked Ruth Amos. And my children have picked Abigail Bukar, Jinkai Yama, and Pindar Nuhu to pray for. I hope all these girls are found!!

  618. Hana ​Stephen added to our prayers

  619. Ruth Amos -May God protect her and keep her…

  620. I’m praying for Jinkai Yama.

  621. I will pray for Grace Paul. Oh that Grace would be delivered by our Gracious God!

  622. Thank you for this list—I’ve shared it and my sons and I are praying for Ladi Ibrahim.

  623. Hauwa ​Kwakwi…I picked a Hauwa – I think there are 12 girls with that first name on the list.

  624. Ruth Amos

  625. Tabitha Hyelampa

  626. Mary Gemmill

    Blessing Abana

  627. Sereh Samuel

  628. I will be praying for Awa Bitrus. Thanks for sharing these names.

  629. Melody Jeffrey

    I will pray for all the girls’ safe release but especially chose Maryamu Bulama. God is sovereign and He can move mountains so he can soften these men’s hearts to release the girls to safety.

  630. Deborah Amos, Deborah Abbas, Deborah Jafaru, Deborah Peter, Deborah Yohanna, Deborah Abage, Deborah Abari

  631. Rifkatu Amos, Febi Haruna and all those unnamed.

  632. Kimberly McBride

    I will pray for Naomi Adamu. In the Name of Jesus set our captives free.

  633. Denise LaMendola

    Yana Bukar

  634. Marcela Casals

    I have picked Mwa ​Malam. I will pray for her safety and for her safe return as well as all the girls. May all our prayers together become the mighty hand that brakes their bondage and delivers them safe to their loving families.

  635. Anthonia Yahonna
    I am praying for you!

  636. I will pray for Naomi Adamu. May she be rescued.

  637. Praying for Hauwa ​Takai, as well as all the other girls!

  638. Hana Stephen. My sister, my daughter, my friend. Blessings on her.

  639. facesintheclouds

    Esther Joshua.

  640. I will pray for Yana Pogu.

  641. Diana Williams Hullings

    Yana Joshua

    I will pray for you and all the girls. For your safe return to your families. For divine protection from physical and emotional harm. I will lift you up before our Lord and Savior to ask for courage and strength to endure this time of uncertainty. May God keep you in the palm of his hand and give you peace.

  642. Halima Gamba and Aisha Lawan are the two girls that Notani and I have chosen to pray for and send a dua up to Allah each for the five times a day that we pray.

    Please Allah (God) take care of these beautiful young girls, HALIMA GAMBA AND AISHA LAWAN, protect them and embrace them in your love and grace. Most importantly, please bring these children home to their families. What these devils have done in the name of Islam is wrong, and knowing that you will hold them accountable is not taking away the pain of these families and these children. Ameen.

  643. I will pray for Yana Pogu and all 8 named Deborah

  644. Jessica Bradigan

    Rejoice Musa

  645. I will pray for Na’omi ​Bitrus and those who have no one praying for them.

  646. I will pray for Ruth ​Amos as well as the group as a whole.

  647. Tabitha Silas ❤

  648. Am praying for asaraya Mal Stover, as well as all the other girls and their families. May they all be returned to their families safe and sound.

  649. Patricia Mireles

    I will pray for Ruth Amos

  650. Fernanda Fresco

    Praying for Falta Lawan. Let God break chains and free you and His name be glorified. May He lead you, guide you and comfort you. Praying for your safety and return and that you are unharmed. Praying you are returned to your family and that this never again happens. Please Lord God, almighty is your name, bring these children home. Change the heart of these people so that they follow you. Please Lord, we are begging at your throne, release these girls.

  651. Yana Joshua & Esther Joshua

  652. Halima ​Gamba

  653. Hauwa Joseph

  654. Na’omi Luka

  655. Kwadugu Manu…. though you are last on the list you are not last in our hearts.. God Bless You and return you safely to your family.

  656. Asabe Ali and the unnamed girls.

  657. Christiana Bitrus. God bless her & please protect her.
    Praying that all the girls are found & returned to their loved ones.

  658. Rifkatu Soloman- praying for her.

  659. Asabe Ali is the name I chose.

  660. Abigail Bukar, Deborah Amos, Saraya ​Yanga, Kauna ​Luka, Christiana Bitrus, I am praying for each of you. I have prayed for these girls before knowing their names and I pray for them now. I pray a thorny hedge of protection around them. I pray the fire of God on those who touch them in ways a child should not be touched. I pray God’s angels around them. I pray their safe and speedy return to their families. I pray for their families. I pray asking God’s peace and comfort on them. I pray God will make Himself known to these girls and to those who would try to harm them.

  661. I wil pray for Yana Yidau and Abigail Bukar

  662. Connie Donovan

    I will pray for Margret Yama

  663. Hamsatu Abubakar and Mairama Abubakar, May the Lord have mercy on these sweet girls.

  664. I pick Naomi Philimon, I am praying for you.

  665. Jacki McCauley - McNair

    Mary Usman, may God bring you safely home!

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  667. I have chosen EVERY GIRL. THEY are ONE – together. I pray for them all equally/ God Bless and keep them. PEACE ❤
    Deborah ​Abge, Awa ​Abge, Hauwa ​Yirma, Asabe ​Manu, Mwa ​Malam Pogu, Patiant ​Dzakwa, Saraya ​Mal Stover, Mary ​Dauda, Gloria ​Mainta, Hanatu ​Ishaku Gloria ​Dama, Tabitha ​Pogu, Maifa ​Dama, Ruth ​Kollo, Esther ​Usman, Awa ​James, Anthonia Yahonna, Kume ​Mutah, Aisha ​Ezekial, Nguba ​Buba, Kwanta ​Simon, Kummai ​Aboku, Esther ​Markus, Hana ​Stephen, Rifkatu ​Amos, Rebecca ​Mallum, Blessing ​Abana, Ladi ​Wadai, Tabitha ​Hyelampa, Ruth ​Ngladar, Safiya ​Abdu, Na’omi ​Yahonna, Solomi ​Titus, Rhoda ​John, Rebecca ​Kabu, Christy ​Yahi, Rebecca ​Luka, Laraba ​John, Saratu ​Markus, Mary ​Usman, Debora ​Yahonna, Naomi ​Zakaria, Hanatu ​Musa, Hauwa ​Tella, Juliana ​Yakubu, Suzana ​Yakubu, Saraya ​Paul, Jummai ​Paul, Mary ​Sule, Jummai ​John, Yanke ​Shittima, Muli ​Waligam, Fatima ​Tabji, Eli ​Joseph, Saratu ​Emmanuel, Deborah Peter, Rahila ​Bitrus, Luggwa ​Sanda, Kauna ​Lalai, Lydia ​Emmar, Laraba ​Maman, Hauwa ​Isuwa, Confort ​Habila, Hauwa ​Abdu, Hauwa ​Balti, Yana ​Joshua, Laraba ​Paul, Saraya ​Amos, Glory ​Yaga, Na’omi ​Bitrus, Godiya ​Bitrus, Awa ​Bitrus, Na’omi ​Luka, Maryamu Lawan, Tabitha ​Silas, Mary ​Yahona, Ladi ​Joel, Rejoice ​Sanki, Luggwa ​Samuel, Comfort ​Amos, Saraya ​Samuel, Sicker ​Abdul, Talata ​Daniel.
    Rejoice ​Musa, Deborah ​Abari, Salomi ​Pogu, Mary ​Amor, Ruth ​Joshua, Esther ​John, Esther ​Ayuba, Maryamu Yakubu, Zara ​Ishaku, Maryamu Wavi, Lydia ​Habila, Laraba ​Yahonna, Na’omi ​Bitrus, Rahila ​Yahanna, Ruth ​Lawan, Ladi ​Paul, Mary ​Paul, Esther ​Joshua, Helen ​Musa, Margret Watsai, Deborah Jafaru, Filo ​Dauda, Febi ​Haruna, Ruth ​Ishaku, Racheal Nkeki, Rifkatu Soloman, Mairama Yahaya, Saratu ​Dauda, Jinkai ​Yama, Margret Shettima, Yana ​Yidau, Grace ​Paul, Amina ​Ali, Palmata Musa, Awagana Musa, Pindar ​Nuhu, Yana ​Pogu, Saraya ​Musa, Hauwa ​Joseph, Hauwa ​Kwakwi, Hauwa ​Musa, Maryamu Musa, Maimuna Usman, Rebeca Joseph, Liyatu ​Habitu, Rifkatu Yakubu, Naomi ​Philimon, Deborah Abbas, Ladi ​Ibrahim, Asabe ​Ali, Maryamu Bulama, Ruth ​Amos, Mary ​Ali, Abigail Bukar, Deborah Amos, Saraya ​Yanga, Kauna ​Luka, Christiana Bitrus, Yana ​Bukar, Hauwa ​Peter, Hadiza ​Yakubu, Lydia ​Simon, Ruth ​Bitrus, Mary ​Yakubu, Lugwa ​Mutah, Muwa ​Daniel, Hanatu ​Nuhu, Monica Enoch, Margret Yama, Docas ​Yakubu, Rhoda ​Peter, Rifkatu Galang, Saratu ​Ayuba, Naomi ​Adamu, Hauwa ​Ishaya, Rahap ​Ibrahim, Deborah Soloman, Hauwa ​Mutah, Hauwa ​Takai, Serah ​Samuel, Aishatu Musa, Aishatu Grema, Hauwa ​Nkeki, Hamsatu Abubakar, Mairama Abubakar, Hauwa ​Wule, Ihyi ​Abdu, Hasana Adamu, Rakiya ​Kwamtah, Halima ​Gamba, Aisha ​Lawan, Kabu ​Malla, Yayi ​Abana, Falta ​Lawan, and Kwadugu Manu.

  668. I am praying for Mary Dauda and Saratu Dauda and the group as a whole…named and unnamed.

  669. My family will be praying for Naomi ​Zakaria. I picked it at random, but it was the other name I had chosen for my daughter Isabella.

  670. Mary Plumstead

    I pick Glory Yaga to hold in my mind and heart representing the safe return of all our girls.

  671. I am praying for Gloria Maintu in remembrance of my sister Gloria who is now an angel watching over my family. Jesus showed us over and over how much he loved the little children…I know He is keeping his loving arms around Gloria, her family, and all of these precious children.

  672. I pick Deborah Solomon

  673. Naomi ​Philimon

  674. Yana Joshua, God Bless

  675. Ruth Joshua.

  676. Patiant ​Dzakwa

  677. I pick Awa James. You will be in the prayers of our family of 5. Hoping this brings you home safely and not harmed.

  678. I will pray for Helen Musa.

  679. I picked Serah Samuel.

  680. Praying for you, Helen Musa!

  681. Rejoice ​Musa,, you are in my thoughts

  682. I will be praying for Ruth Amos… please let us know who has NOT been chosen yet… hard to follow!

  683. Naomi ​Zakaria has my prayers.

  684. I will pray for Esther John.

  685. Laraba Paul and Saraya Amos. May the Lord protect them.

  686. I’ll be praying for Glory Yaga, and each of the other girls as well. May they find favor in the arms of the Lord.

  687. I am praying for Christiana Bitrus. May God bring you safely home.

  688. Though Naomi ​Zakaria’s name first caught my eye, I will also pray for Hauwa ​Ishaya, Docas ​Yakubu, and Hauwa ​Peter.

  689. I am praying for Rebecca Luka. Breaks my heart-these girls. Jesus restore them to their homes!

  690. Wow, so powerful – thank you for sharing a list of names and a prayer chain. I choose to pray for Naomi ​Zakaria – her name caught my eye, and for all our sisters. Namaste.

  691. I will pray for Jummai John. Lord, please protect these girls and bring them back to their families.

  692. I pray for Rejoice Musa: Lord place a shield of protection around Rejoice Musa and the other student girls right now. In the name of Jesus let the angles of heaven keep you alive and encouraged. In the mist of this evil, I rebuke the spirit of fear and place a calm mind and a courageous heart in you right now, to think, to focus to live. I speak life to you and all the girls right now.

  693. Sheree Slagle

    I will pray for Hawa, I see there are several, I will think of each one as I pray. Father God, deliver these children!

  694. I will pray for Patiant ​Dzakwa.

  695. Debbie Graham

    I am praying for Gloria Dama. May God protect her and prosper her in health and God’s angels protecting her.

  696. I have chosen to pray for Kwandugu Manu. May the Lord rescue all of these girls!

  697. Blessing Abana, I am praying for you, sweetheart.

  698. Nancy Koehler

    I am praying for Naomi ​Philimon.

  699. I am praying for Ihyi ​Abdu.

  700. Saratu Dauda… please Lord bring her out of this terrible and scary situation. Be her peace and refuge.

  701. I am praying for Rakiya Kwamtah

  702. As my eyes went to the list of girls’ names, the first one stopped me: Deborah Abge. I looked further, and saw Debora Yahonna. A few lines lower, Deborah Peter. There are eight girls named Deborah on this list…. and my heart breaks for each of them, and all of their ‘sisters’. Thanks to your post, and this list, I am praying for each of them by name. You see, Debra is my name, too. It is a powerful Biblical name, with a history and a heritage of leadership and honor and obedience to God. We share that heritage because of our names. I pray that God will raise these girls up with faith and strength just as He did Deborah in the Bible – to be courageous, to take a stand, and to show His Glory through the battle. ❤ #BringOurGirlsHome

  703. Talata Daniel, may God have His protective covering surrounding you. May you find peace in a challenging time and know that you are loved and in our prayers for a long while to come.

  704. I picked Blessing ​Abana to pray for.

  705. Naomi ​Adamu, you have the same first name of my old friend. May God protect her and her friends.

  706. Yayi Abana. I pray for you.

  707. I will pray for Rifkatu Amos — several “Amos sisters” on that list. Praying for the family

  708. Docas ​Yakubu, you are in my heart and my prayers.

  709. Hannah Stephen, I pray for you to find comfort through prayer and ask that God place his protective covering around you to keep you safe and give you peace in your heart. Please know that you are loved by many I will continue praying for you until you come home where you belong

  710. Ruth Joshua.

  711. Rejoice Musa

  712. Tabitha pogu May god save you sweet girl tabitha:kind woman known for her good works
    Pogu: worldly passionate caring

  713. Grace Paul, I pray you and your friends are soon home.

  714. Kummai Aboku

  715. My request of the Lord led me to Mary Dauda. I will pray until you are safe again. May the Lord be with you.

  716. Marilyn Rose Utovac

    Rejoice Musa

  717. I choose Ruth Amos to hold up in prayer. May our precious Heavenly Father protect them all.

  718. Talata Daniel I pray for your safe return. May the Lord protect and guide you.

  719. Mary ​Dauda, I pray for your safety and safe return home and an end to the hatred which fueled this kidnapping in the first place. I pray that all may grow to understand the importance of education, especially for young women. My mother, who would have been 100 years old today, was named Mary Dorothy.

  720. I picked Christy ​Yahi, I pray she is released and brought back to her parents

  721. wendy dietrich

    Aisha Lawan, I’m praying for you. Your sister in Christ, Wendy

  722. Laraba Yahona …. seeing you home again with your family

  723. Saraya ​Mal Stover, Kyrie Eleison

  724. Glory Yaga, May you find peace even in your darkest hour and know that the hearts of women and men, worldwide, join yours in outrage over the disservice done to you. I pray you’ll be surrounded with white light, love, strength, and the fervent belief in your imminent release. And so it is.

  725. Karen Schmidt-Dill

    Saraya Musa, you are remembered and loved and prayed for. Come home safely! I am so pleased to see that there are so many being chosen even out of the middle of the pack. Thank you everyone for this kind of love outpouring.

  726. My prayer is for those who haven’t been named.

  727. I have picked Mary ​Yahona. I pray that God will uphold you and the other girls and keep you safe. Amen

  728. Eli Joseph, I’m praying for you.

  729. I am praying for Yanke Shittima

  730. I am praying for Tabitha Pogu, my daughters are praying for Mary Dauda, and Gloria Maintain. I figured they were easy names for me. And the children to say.

  731. As a father, with a daughter taking exams, it’s unbearable to hear of the horror of the abduction, abuse snd sale these girls. This evil should be resisted by all. They should be with their loving families and at school taking exams. Kay Warren reminded us of an Eric Liddell quote; “God is not helpless among the ruins.” We pray mighty God that all the girls will be safely rescued and not one be lost, that their ruined lives will be fully restored and these innocents will be taken back to loving families and a caring community to be reintegrated. Father we pray for all who are suffering even now, not least our sisters in Christ. Two stand out, Saratu Emmanuel & Christiana Bitrus, but all whatever their religion are loved by God. Lord help in the horror of what they’re facing, the shock and fear of these poor children. Please come and break into that situation with your Holy Spirit. We pray for your powerful hand to be at work and help the rescuers of these girls to find them and get them all out safely. May your grace and peace be upon all the girls, their families and friends. May they not just endure, but may they one day be overcomers. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  732. Dan Mitchell

    I will be praying for Fifkatu Yakubu. What a great idea whoever started this. In a busy day it’s easy to forget to pray “those others in need”. To have an individual name makes it personal.

  733. Liberty McClelland

    Rifkatu Yakubu

  734. Rahila Yahanna

  735. I have chosen Rejoice Sanki to lift up in prayer.

  736. Saraya Mal Stover.

  737. I am going to pray for the girls who are not on this list. I still remember the girl when I was a very small girl who told me she didn’t have a name. When I was an adult I found out about her life. Her story had some similarities to the lives of these girls, so I will pray for those whose names we don’t know.

  738. Jaclyn Carty

    Lydia Emmar

  739. I will be praying for Mary ​Ali. Father, please protect her and give her strength and grace to persevere until she is returned to her family, Amen

  740. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray You’ll bring Awa Abge safely home. I pray also for her kidnappers that they will come to know Christ, and their life will be transformed by Your unfailing Love for them, and they will forever serve You. In Jesus name I pray.

  741. Julie Draper

    Julie Draper
    Kauna Luka

  742. Monica Enoch, may the Lord’s hand of protection surround you and the rest of these young girls. May mercy fall upon those who took you and may God see fit to not only bring them to justice but to change their very lives as well. I pray right now for a comforter to come to you in this great time of need, and that you return safely home. In all things, God’s will be done.

  743. I will lift up Esther Markus in prayer to the Lord.

  744. I will pray for Aishatu Grema along with all the others for their safe return. I have 3 daughters and one son and I also pray my thanksgiving for the many blessings God has given me with my own children.

  745. Ladi Paul, we share a last name and you will be held up in prayer in this ‘Paul’ family until you are found and returned safe ❤

  746. I pray that Rebecca Luka will know God so close to her, protecting, comforting and giving courage. I pray that she will be strong for those who need her and that she will one day look back on this time as one which gave her what she needed to live for others.

  747. I choose Maryamu Bulama. Father God please keep Maryamu Bulama safe in this scary situation. Give her peace & comfort that only You can provide until all these girls are brought back to their loved ones.

  748. Jennifer Sinclair

    Rebecca ​Luka

  749. Mary Dauda…in your name God protect her and and surround her with your love and mercy. God please bring her to her family/home safely.
    Please pray for these girls, choose one by name and pray for her.

  750. Praying for Fatima Tabji

  751. I read through until Mary Yahona made me take a breath. my Oma’s name was Maria Johanna (said Yohana), and I knew she was the one…. so many girls, but as a previous post-er said, ALL known and precious to God. even those we cant speak the names of yet. I pray that like the Israelites in captive that they will prosper until their return, in the land of captivity. That their God will prevail for them, and that Mary Yahona will return to her family. while not being unrealistic of the situation, nothing is impossible for our God!

  752. Eli Joseph

  753. I have added the other Rhoda (Rhoda John) to Rhoda Peter whom I am praying for daily. Various members of my NY Prayer Chain are praying for one or two of the girls including: Deborah Abge, Mary Daube, Comfort Amos, Esther Marcus, Rejoice Musa, Deborah Solomon, Rifkatu Galang, Shettima, race Paul and Saraya Paul. May they ALL be returned home safely in the very near future!

  754. I will be praying for Jummai John and Jummai Paul. Restore these daughters to their families!

  755. Alecia Reed-Owens

    I choose Saraya Samuel; Lord I ask that you bring this young lady home safely to her family and loved ones. Amen.

  756. Mary Alice Cloukey

    I will keep all the girls in my prayers, but I will especially be praying for Aisha Lawan and Hauwa Abdu

  757. I am praying for Awa Abge

  758. Grace Paul is in my prayers. May she return home safely and soon.

  759. Erika Roberts

    Falta ​Lawan! Praying for you precious one!

  760. I have chosen Maryamu Bulama

  761. Rebecca Kabu, I choose you.

  762. I am praying for Margaret Watsai and Mary Paul. My beautiful daughters are Margaret and Mary. I will pray for these beautiful daughters and their parents as well.

  763. Ladi Ibrahim and her family and friends will be in my prayers.

  764. Ester John

  765. Helen Musa , we have the same last name . That is sweet and terrifying all at the same time , I can’t begin to imagine how her family is feeling 😔

  766. meredith crow

    praying for Rejoice Sanki

  767. Safiya ​Abdu, I’m praying for you and all the other girls. God is with you.

  768. I chose Kauna Lalai

  769. Hana Stephen, Kuana Lalai, Ladi Joel, Serah Samuel. One for each member of our family. We lift you up in prayer until the moment you arrive in safe arms.

  770. I will pray for Maimuna Usman. Her name may be unknown to me – but not to God.

  771. I am praying for Esther ​Joshua. I am also praying for the group as a whole!

  772. I chose Saraya Yanga.

  773. I will pray for and lift up K wand ugh Manu, the last girl on the list, that they all may be safe, that they will have courage in the face of unimaginable fear, that they will know their honor and virtue is more than their hymen, that no shame will fall upon them because of the heinous acts of their captures, and that they will return home safe and with a voice to advocate for all the girls in their country.

  774. Christiana Bitrus & Ruth Bitrus… I wonder if they are sisters. Praying “the light shines through the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 I pray that the LIGHT will warm them, love them, keep them safe and bring them home.

  775. Praying for all our girls, and Deborah Soloman will be my girl!!!

  776. Darcie Jones

    Lydia Emmar is my girl. By chance, does anyone know of a way we could contact these girls’ families and let them know their individual child is in our prayers? A school address (email or written)? I’m going to do some research on this.

  777. Kathy Fry-Miller

    I pick Hauwa Wule. I saw on another website that she is a Muslim girl. Hauwa means “Eve”. The mother of humanity. May you be surrounded with the light and love of God and of all of the thoughts and prayers of people around the world, dear Hauwa. Kind thoughts and prayers to you and your family. And may you and your friends return safely.

  778. margaretta12

    Yanke ​Shittima, I chose you and am praying for your safe return to your family and friends.

  779. Nancy Morris

    Why don’t you people pony