Discoveries of 2013

I’m a late bloomer so much of what I “discover” is old news to mostahacolor-190x300 people.  Still, here are some choice discoveries that have changed my particular life in 2013:

  • Brene Brown.  She is one of my pastors.
  • John Green.  How a 36 year old man channels the mind of teenagers is a mystery and a blessing.
  • There is a flashlight app for the iPhone.  (Like I said, I’m a late bloomer.)  No more walking home in the dark.
  • Fear is genetic.  And yet, we are not slaves to our genes.
  • The best pastors are emotionally intelligent human beings.  (Again: duh.)  You can be a brilliant theologian, a savvy entrepreneur, and a poetic speaker and writer. But if you are spiritually immature, smug, and/or excessively needy, professional ministry is probably not going to work out for you.
  • Many perfectly excellent pastors are broken by toxic churches.  (I actually knew this years ago, but I’m still shocked about it.)
  • Netflix series are 1)awesome and 2) best enjoyed via binge-watching.
  • (From the brilliant mind of HH)  Wild Goose is an event.  Camping is an event.  It’s hard to enjoy two events at the same time, which is why HH and I choose to stay here during Wild Goose.  Hope to see you there in 2014.
  • Brussel sprouts are not as disgusting as once believed.

Feel free to share your own discoveries.  And have a Happy New Year!


One response to “Discoveries of 2013

  1. Brene Brown…totally correct!!!! But Brussel Sprouts???? NO!! NEVER!!!!!

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