Ideas Shared and Sparked

CIW marquisThere are people that share interesting ideas.

And then there are people that spark us to come up with interesting ideas.  It’s a holy thing actually.

I adore Chicago Ideas Week for the ideas shared by so many interesting people.  Danny Schuman, Tig Notaro, and Catherine Hoke are among those whose ideas have made me happy this week.

But yesterday I heard ideas that sparked my own.

Love.  These.  People.

When we are inspired our lives change forever.  My top three Life Inspiration Moments – not counting the days I met Jesus, my husband, and our children –  happened at a bus stop in London (had just finished reading Crime and Punishment), DAR Constitution Hall (at an Aretha concert), and today at the “At the Chef’s Table” Talk for Chicago Ideas Week featuring Melissa Clark, Cat Cora, Graham Elliot, Mollie Katzen, and the others I already mentioned.  [Note to self:  read everything Josh Kilmer-Purcell has ever written.]

I have a new life plan today.  So many new ideas.  So what inspires you with life-changing ideas?


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