Living on the Bridge

Bridges-Pont-Vecchio-by-J-SalmoralChristians are warned not to be Laodiceans.  In other words we are not supposed to be lukewarm followers of Jesus.

But  – at the risk of being labeled wishy-washy –  I believe we need more bridge builders.  Actually, I believe some of us need to live on the bridge.

It’s not about being two-faced.  It’s even not about being wishy-washy.  It’s about loving and respecting people on both sides of an issue.  It’s about recognizing that none of us has cornered the market on God’s Truth.  It’s about theological humility.

Being a bridge builder is a valuable competency for today’s spiritual leader.  And living on the bridge seems to be good too if we welcome those who are inching towards the other side from either direction.  I’m feeling like we need this now more than ever.  But it’s kind of exhausting.

Image of the Pont Vecchio bridging the Arno River in Florence.

PS  I think this is my 8th or 9th blogoversary.


3 responses to “Living on the Bridge

  1. Happy anniversary! So glad you’re out there. Has it been that long? Wow.

    10 years for me in December…

  2. It’s because of you (and Jesus.)

  3. Happy ‘versary. Glad you are a voice in the wilderness. And a bridge builder. I hang out on the bridge a good bit, too, and yes, it take energy. Perspective. Balance. And more.

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