Thank You LinkedIn (Or “What’s In Your Wallet?”)

What could a stranger learn about you from exegeting your wallet?

walletEither I lost or someone pick pocketed my wallet in the ten steps between the Giordano’s Restaurant in our office building and the main door into the office building yesterday.  I didn’t realize my wallet was gone until I headed home and needed money for my CTA card.  Ugh.

In the process of canceling cards, I noticed a stranger who wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn and I was just about to delete (I don’t know this person.) when I saw the words: “I have your wallet.”

A maintenance person had found it in the men’s bathroom of another office building several blocks from mine.  The money was gone (it was literally a couple quarters and pennies) but the cards and my license were still there.

My new LinkedIn friend had studied the contents and learned that:

  • I buy things in bulk.  (Costco card)
  • I probably eat gluten. (Panera card)
  • I’m a clergyperson. (PCUSA ID, Board of Pensions ID)
  • I’m not much of a shopper. (Basic debit card. One business charge card.)

She looked up the website of my office (the office charge card) and matched my photos (Google images) with the (bad) photo on my debit card. Voila!

Sometimes HH and I play “what can you tell about that driver” as we travel down the interstate.  It’s amazing what you can learn:  political proclivities, educational connections, extracurricular activities, number of pets and children.

Our wallets also tell our story.  So, what’s in your wallet that would help someone figure you out – or find you?  I’m still using my Virginia driver’s license.  (I know, I know, it needs to be changed to my new state)  so she couldn’t have located me via ID address.  But – thanks to LinkedIn – I have my wallet back.

And to the person who took/found my wallet:  thanks for not tossing my driver’s license and cards, although I’m still changing them.


One response to “Thank You LinkedIn (Or “What’s In Your Wallet?”)

  1. I thought about this blog post throughout the day. While I hate that you were “separated” from your wallet, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you suggested the possibility that you lost it instead of just assuming someone stole it. It might seem like a small gesture but this week especially I appreciate any suggestion that all of humanity isn’t depraved.

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