What Ruins Your Day?

starbucksOn Monday, I ordered a skinny mocha at the Starbucks Drive-Thru on my way to work and about halfway to the office, realized I was drinking a caramel macchiato.  I can hear you now as you shake your angry fist and curse the heavens:  ‘No!  Not a wrong drink order! No!”

I accepted the tragic fact that I’d just consumed 130 more calories than I’d planned.

On Tuesday, as I drove through Starbucks again, my barrista friends told me that the Caramel Macchiato Orderer had angrily telephoned them when she got to her office demanding a refund.  They had Ruined. Her. Day.  She had consumed sugar free chocolate instead of caramel with her coffee drink.  Lord, have mercy.  Christ, have mercy.  Lord, have mercy.

I remember once when one of our kids went to school forgetting it was Red Day but he had worn blue.  And it ruined his day.  Actually, I totally get this – if you are five years old.

What ruined our day 12 years ago has been resurrected in countless ways.  It brings those of us together who remember where we were.  It warms our hearts to recall the heroism.  It also takes very little for my heart to race and my throat to choke up when I think back to that day.  I am bracing myself to visit the 9-11 Museum in NYC when it opens.

But even terrorism doesn’t wholly ruin any day.  The days belong to God and God can redeem even the very worst day.

Nevertheless we remember humbly

  • those almost three thousand souls who perished 12 years ago today.
  • the Four Little Girls who died 50 years ago Sunday when terrorists bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.
  • the eight Iraqi police officers mistakenly shot and killed in Fallujah by US forces 10 years ago tomorrow.
  • the 1400+ victims who died 3 weeks ago in Damascus after suffocating gas was propelled into their neighborhoods.
  • the 27 people who died 9 months ago tomorrow at the hand of Adam Lanza in Newtown.

By grace even these tragedies shall not ruin us.


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