Thank You Church Building Laborers

Some of us are unspeakably fortunate to be paid to read or think or pray or plan.  We aspire to inspire, or something like that.  St_Michaels_Catholic_Church_Chicago

There are others who use different muscles.  They literally lift, haul, build, smooth, clear, and dig.

They make it possible for our churches to meet and do their ministry in houses of worship and Christian nurture.  Let’s remember them today:

  • The Bricklayers, Stonemasons, Painters, and Roofers whose efforts give us one of our most important tools for ministry:  the building in which we gather.  (Note: if we are  using our buildings as museums or once-a-week meeting places rather than tools for ministry, our church is dying. No exceptions.)
  • The Church Sextons, Janitors, and Groundskeepers who keep things tidy and safe.  (Check out  The Complex Life of a Church Janitor)
  • Electricians who light up the nursery, HVAC professionals who ensure the sanctuary has AC, Plumbers who keep the toilets flushing, Carpet Cleaners who keep classrooms fresh.
  • The Craftspeople who repair organs, tune pianos, tweak copy machines, and renovate stained glass.

Since the building of Solomon’s Temple, laborers have erected holy gathering places.  Many of these laborers were slaves.  Some have become famous.  Most most are not appreciated nearly enough.  If you are worshiping God today in a space with walls, windows, flooring, doors, AC, electricity, and running water, remember those who labored to make it happen.

Image is of St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Chicago,


One response to “Thank You Church Building Laborers

  1. Amen. 100% amen. I come from a long line of people who served the church by being labourers and craftsmen and property-fixers and so it’s always good to see posts that affirm that type of service. Thank you.

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