Leaping Into the Crazy

Crazy_Art_2_by_Friik1987A friend of mine shared that her mother regularly repeated this advice:  Don’t Stick Your Hand in the Crazy. This should probably be needlepointed onto a pillow.

Here’s the thing:  many of us intentionally leap gladly into the crazy.  It’s our job. I’m talking to you: social workers, parole officers, middle school guidance counselors, police officers, ER nurses, fire fighters, pastors.  We regularly deal with the ridiculous, the random, the outrageous, the shocking, the twisted.  And we kind of love it.  It sets us free.  It makes things real.

Thanking God this weekend for the privilege of serving positions full of messiness and wonder.

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One response to “Leaping Into the Crazy

  1. Was just commiserating with friends about craziness at church this evening and came across your post later. A great and gentle reminder…thanks!

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