Dream Job

One person’s dream job is another person’s nightmare.  I have a friend who church bouncerorganizes closets and it rocks her world.  Good for her, is all I can say.

As I’ve shared before, when I first told people about my (then) new job two years ago, I warned them that they might want to throw up a little bit in their mouths. Middle Judicatory Institutional Church Staff Member* does not scream “fun” for many people.  But it’s been my Dream Job.  It’s an interim position that ends before long and then The Next Dream Job begins.

Among the interesting jobs I’ve come across recently:

Jobs I wouldn’t mind having in a different place and time:

  • NPR Talk Show Host
  • Ambassador to Jordan
  • White House Easter Egg Roll Director

What about you?  What’s your dream job?  Is it possible that God is calling you to do something that sounds crazy to most people?

*This is not my real job title, but it’s essentially what I do.

Image of Church Bouncers.  (This is a real job.)


5 responses to “Dream Job

  1. Praying of thanksgiving for your faithfulness and discernment about what the Spirit is up to.

  2. Historical places preservationist.

  3. Camp/conference center director/lifeguard/waterfront director and chaplain/worship leader,

  4. I certainly hope that the next dream job is one without Interim in front of it. Your grace in this position is remarkable and inspiring. My dream job? Chaplain, Disneyworld. I wonder…

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