Back Story

I like the way God connects ideas/people/things. Two of my recent posts are connected:

  • Church must be about conversations.
  • Television (our choices/options) is informative.

The connection is The Back Story.10-Charlie-and-Liam-in-Driv

One of the reasons I loved Lost and now love Orange is the New Black is because both invite us into the back story of the characters.  And what we learn when we see what happened before is that we get them in a new way.  We understand a bit of why they are the way they are.

Yesterday, SBC’s former apartment mate came by to turn in her key.  They shared an apartment through July, and then she moved out and someone else moved in August 1st.  When she came to drop off the key, SBC said, “We also got the July utility bills” and she immediately declared that she wasn’t going to pay her part.

SBC:  But you lived in the apartment through July.

Former Apartment Mate:  Worst case scenario for me:  you lose power.  Oh well.

My first thought (okay, actually my second thought) upon hearing this was, “What made her that kind of person?What in the world is this girl’s back story?  

I will never know.  But the cool thing about church/life is that  – if we are doing it right – we get to hear the back stories of other people and they are amazing.

Image:  Do I really need to identify this?


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