Which Conference and Why?

Indigo GirlsSummer = Church Conference Time for many of us.  It’s been a feast of possibilities this summer in the year of our Lord 2013:

  • Big Tent just ended in Louisville.
  • UNCO 2013 East Coast was held in June and a West Coast event is planned for the fall.
  • Wild Goose begins this week in Hot Springs, NC

And then there have been/will be an array of Liturgical Arts Conferences, Preaching Conferences, Bible Conferences.  And of course the Mother of all conference centers –   Chautauqua   – offers dozens of interesting events all summer long.

How do you decide how to spend your precious time and money when it comes to enriching your soul?

  • Do you choose a denominational event hoping to make connections and attend practical workshops?
  • Do you seek enrichment in a specific area of spiritual or professional development?
  • Do you look for theologians and artists you admire?

HH and I chose Wild Goose this summer – not just for the amazing line-up – but also for the creative interactions with people beyond our tradition and perspective.  We’ll report on how it goes.

But I’d like to hear from you.  Have you attended a church/spiritual conference this summer or do you plan to attend a conference?  And why did you choose this event over all others?

Image is art from Wild Goose.  The Indigo Girls will be singing to our heart’s delight.  


One response to “Which Conference and Why?

  1. Mostly I choose the conference based on my interest and who I know that will be there.

    This summer I went to Synod School (Synod of the Lakes and Prairies) basically because I wanted to make a good impression on some members that swore by it. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I noticed that it was one of the few conferences where you have intergenerational interaction and programming. Maybe Big Tent has that? The folks I follow that tweeted made it sound fun.

    My wife and I went to Wild Goose West last year and had a blast we loved all the different offerings, the laid back nature, and the conversations.

    Regardless of what conference I pick, for me it’s all about the conversations outside the scheduled time and the relationships and connections made in those times.

    Have fun at Wild Goose.

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