About Last Night

After a late night Presbytery meeting last evening, here’s what I learned:ClaraStVaastArtDecoPulpit

  1. Don’t sit on the first pew in a sanctuary with a high pulpit.  (Sore neck this morning.)  
  2. A diverse agenda makes for a good meeting.  (We examined five candidates for ordination, made a covenant with the Chicago Muslims, and released a congregation and their pastor to another denomination.)
  3. It makes most of us happy when a congregation that disagrees fundamentally with the theology and polity of our denomination finds a home in a new denomination.  (Yes, some are angry.  Many are sad.  But most of us are happy for our brothers and sisters to find  a denominational home where they can thrive.)
  4. It’s inspiring to hear our colleagues preach.  (Yes, it’s awesome to invite A Big Name to preach, but we have extraordinary preachers in our midst and I’d like to hear more of them.)

It was a good evening to be a Presbyterian follower of Jesus.

Image is the art deco pulpit in the Saint-Vaast Cathedral, Arras, France.



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