I Can’t Write a Better Sabbath Post than This

Today is my first Sabbath in a while, in terms of having “nothing” to do.  It is glorious.

Part of the joy of Sabbath involves remembering: 

  • Remembering all I’ve been able to do this week and not worrying about what didn’t get done.
  • Remembering the week’s funniest stories.  It’s one of the bonuses of my job.
  • Remembering where I was this time last Friday and then remembering that God still resurrects people.
  • Remembering that God resurrects people even when we don’t get to witness it on this side.

The Message of the Day comes from my colleague DL who has witnessed resurrection first hand.  As people ask him what they can do for him, his response preaches:

  1. Pray for A’s recovery.
  2. Learn CPR.  There may be a moment in your life when nothing you have ever done is more important than this.
  3. Take a dance class.

The Lord of the Dance deserves all of these tributes and more.  Now go enjoy the holiday weekend.


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