Board of Pensions Options

You may remember that a “dues plus” plan was introduced by the Board of Pensions of the PCUSA last winter and the Board received quite a bit of feedback.  Now there are three options being considered with a final decision to be made this summer.

Here are of couple of my naive questions:

– How much of the issue of “The Health Care Crisis” is about greed – the greed of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.?

– Is the Board willing to consider pay cuts for their own highest paid professionals?  Are they willing to shave some of their expenses?  (Meeting at the Ritz Carlton is not helpful.)

– Are we in the best paid positions with the most time in the system willing to make sacrifices for the youngest pastors with the most dependents?

Your thoughts?  And which option would you choose?



4 responses to “Board of Pensions Options

  1. Was the second question raised in the meeting–BOP salaries and expenses?

  2. I’d like to briefly comment that, holistically speaking, the healthcare industry is taxed about 60% across the board. Their profit margins are incredibly narrow, in reality. There are still huge problems in how the industry functions and greed is certainly a factor, but “big pharma” isn’t as horribly greedy as it’s been painted.

    Which was a distracting statement, and I don’t want to derail the conversation.

  3. I struggle with having an opinion on this, simply because I do not feel as if we are getting all the information.
    Case in point:
    Yesterday, during the RBC, the BoP was tweeting a presentation by the Senior VP of benefits…Stated: Average cost per active member $12,000; at min dues, church pays $8,400; at max dues, church pays $26,000.

    I asked what the average dues paid per active member was, to see how close those numbers were.
    The BoP twitter account came back with this:
    At median teaching elder salary of $54,000, dues are $11,340 (21%).

    I stated that median and average were not the same thing, and asked again for the average dues paid per member.
    Response: We don’t have the average figure on hand but we will look to add it to a Q&A document that we plan to post following the RBCs.

    I just don’t feel like we are getting the full picture. They wanted us to know that there are people who are paying dues in less than the average member costs…but then they don’t have the information on how much the average member pays in?

    How can I have an opinion if they won’t give me all the information?

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