Random Thoughts

I haven’t written a post in a couple days because I haven’t had much to say.  But iPads at weddings 2here are my random thoughts for Friday. Please share if you have wise thoughts.

  • How can we stop wedding guests from filming ceremonies with their phones and iPads?  The last time I went to a wedding, literally half the congregation raised hand-held cameras to film it. You’ve never seen so many iPads in the air.  Yuck.
  • Most weddings now do not occur in church buildings.  Is this about money (cheaper to have wedding & reception in same location?) Or is this about church?
  • Roger Ebert sounds like he was the Henri Nouwen of movies.
  • I have got to eat more vegetables.
  • My Roundtable Preaching Group is coming to Chicago next week!  Excellent sermons and interesting lives will be shared.

Have a great weekend everyone.


7 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. So looking forward to Roundtable!

  2. Regarding weddings, I think a lot of it is about church. The latest studies show that a majority of those getting married live together which is an obstacle for some churches. Also as many engaged couples are now older they no longer attend the church of their childhood and may not know the pastor or feel a connection there nor have they found a new church home. For many the church is no longer relevant in their lives. Others find churches to be judgmental in the questions they ask the bride and groom. I heard one bride say that since the church she grew up in won’t marry same-sex couples, she won’t marry there either. Some do find it expensive but with what they’re spending on everything else that might be an excuse.

  3. (Not to mention any event in a church involving children…) I often want to tell people that, with a few exceptions at each event, they are NOT one of the better photographers in the room. I think we should set up systems for people to share photos. So, for churches, if there are a couple really good photographers, designate them as the church photographer. And share their stuff quickly and easily.
    Weddings, I think it would be great to find a way for the bride and groom to ask people to please experience their ceremony through their eyes and ears instead of a lens. They invited you, not your camera. (And then go nuts during the reception with the pictures)

  4. I laughed when I read ‘I have got to eat more vegetables’ in your post! Random, indeed!

  5. I agree on the filming thing, BUT I just had a very teary conversation with a woman whose father’s health means he could not attend his granddaughter’s wedding. So they facetimed it, and she has pictures of her father watching it, in real time, with his son in law, while she was witnessing it in a city far away. So I get that technology does allow things like this–that often look like filming but are not.

    • I completely understand this and it makes so much sense. My problem is more with 20 people holding up iPads to film the ceremony. I went to a wedding last summer and counted 20 in a room holding 60. It made the wedding feel like a school play.

      Re: family who can’t be physically present at these events: As my grandmother would say, “It’s amazing what the LORD has let us learn.”

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