White Smoke Rising – Encouragement for Pastor Search Committees

White Smoke RisingPresbyterians don’t call pastoral leaders like our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church.  We don’t even do it like the Episcopalians, Methodists, or Lutherans.  There is no bishop or other leader who appoints or designates the new Pastor.  We do it by committee, which is sort of like a conclave.  People pray, talk, pray some more, and then they vote.

I like the idea of white smoke rising from the chapel chimney when A Call Has Been Determined.  

There are several Pastor Nominating Committees out there hoping for the Spirit to point them in the faithful direction.  My hope is that white smoke will arise when they find the pastor who:

  • Understands that “getting new members” is not the point.  
  • Has no intention of being The Hired Christian.
  • Knows how to equip other people to offer pastoral care, pray, teach the Bible, and lead worship.
  • Teaches hospitality as a matter of spiritual maturity, not good manners.
  • Takes people on a missional journey, not a sentimental one

God bless all you PNCs out there.  I pray you are probably having more fun than the gentlemen locked in the Sistene Chapel today.


One response to “White Smoke Rising – Encouragement for Pastor Search Committees

  1. Hooray! I served on one PNC and after the congregational vote, the church bell was rung!

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