Three Questions That Would Change Every Church

After an excellent weekend spent with core leaders from four congregations, it Cool Jesusoccurs to me that every spiritual community could benefit from asking the following three essential questions:

  • Why does our congregation exist?
  • What breaks God’s heart in our community?
  • Name one spiritually transformative moment you personally experienced in the last year.

Three simple questions.

Our responses  determine the future existence of our congregations – small or large, rich or poor, Protestant or Roman Catholic or Orthodox.  That is all.


I’ve long lost the source of the image above but would love the source if you know it.


4 responses to “Three Questions That Would Change Every Church

  1. New Beginnings has given our congregation a new beginning.

  2. At the beginning of a new ministry, these are helpful to remember. Thanks.

  3. Hey, congrats. These excellent questions (which I sent on to colleagues) were picked up in the Christian Century.

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