Doing Without on Valentine’s Day

I can live without him; I just don’t want to.

I remember a friend in college saying this about the man she would eventually marry.  It had a huge impact on me, as one who was trying to figure out women who seemed so weak and flighty around men – like they couldn’t live without them.  Could you be a strong person without a partner?Broken Heart in Lights

I don’t want to live without my Valentine, but I guess I could if I had to.  It would be miserable, though, probably for the rest of my life.

Lent is about “doing without” but we can be strong because loss is not the end of the story.

It’s fascinating that our Roman Catholic friends are doing without a Pope for part of this Lenten season – for the first time in forever.  Another friend is doing without her mother for the first time.  Other friends who long for a child are doing without a baby once again this winter.

We have losses, pain, regrets that can feel insurmountable on this side of the resurrection.  I personally love Valentine’s Day as a reminder about all those people I love.  But Valentine’s Day is  about brokenheartedness too, especially during Lent.

P.S. Missing Cindy Bolbach who loved the Lenten hymns.

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2 responses to “Doing Without on Valentine’s Day

  1. Exactly. Thank you for this. And Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Thank you, Jan. Happy Valentine’s Day

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