Pondering Virginity

I can’t get this article out of my mind.Virgin-Mary-007

Thoughts on virginity:

  • it’s good to wait for love before leaping into an intimate relationship
  • because of loneliness, violence, or countless other reasons most people are not virgins when/if they marry
  • a person is not eternally tainted if he/she is unmarried but not a virgin 
  • virginity is an idol for some of us
  • followers of Jesus are called to be counter-cultural (we don’t have to be intimate with each other just because everyone else is having sex)
  • sexuality is a normal part of life like eating and sleeping
  • please don’t get married so that you can have sex
  • people are precious not just for our naked bodies but also for our naked brains and our naked souls (i.e. don’t casually play with my mind or my heart either)
  • I don’t really care if Mary was a virgin.  My faith is not based on this.
  • I don’t really care if Jesus was a virgin.  My faith is not based on this.  (But I would imagine there is a really good reason/story behind this if he wasn’t.)
  • God treasures people like Sarah Bessey.  Either we believe in redemption and forgiveness or we don’t.

You pastors out there:  any guesses on how many weddings you have officiated for couples who were virgins?  (Either one or both of them.)

Other thoughts?



2 responses to “Pondering Virginity

  1. Well done!

  2. Right on and Amen!!

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