Soul Feeders

I am not in Memphis right now.  emergence-christianity-book

Although I’d registered, it didn’t work out, but I’m heartened to know that:

  1. My ticket is being used by a young pastor who will meet amazing people and hear Phyllis Tickle up close and personal.  I expect him to return to Chicago on fire.
  2. My friends in Memphis are plotting The Great Commission and new ways to love The Other, and subsequently the reign of God will expand.

Instead of being with my Emergence Church friends, I spent the day retreating with people in my Presbytery who have passion for New Church Development, Immigrant Church Plants, Multicultural Ministry, and Fresh Ideas.  It fed my soul, and not a moment too soon.

Too many of our churches spend their precious time worried about attendance, buildings, and cash.  Too many say that “they love each other” but then they gossip about each other in the parking lot or on “the prayer chain.”  Too many of our churches would not be missed by their communities if they disappeared tomorrow.  These churches are comprised of fine people, many of them committed to following Jesus, but they misunderstand what that means.  It’s my calling to serve these people, but it’s a little draining.

All of us have work that drains us.  Here’s to work that feeds our souls.

PS  Check out #EC13 on Twitter for Memphis updates.


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