Style Shifts – The Look of Future Pastors

emergent-jesusPeople in our Presbytery who want to begin the process towards ordination to the office of Teaching Elder aka Pastor aka Minister of the Word and Sacrament start their official journey in my office.  They share their sense of call, receive a packet of forms to complete at home, and hear me tell them that – no matter what happens – they are called to ministry.  Maybe not this ministry, but ministry nonetheless.

All kinds of people come through my door, and I’m struck – especially – not by the variety of ages or experiences, nor by the number of women or the number of men seeking ordination.

I am struck by style.

There was a time when people came for this preliminary interview dressed  like business professionals.  They wore suits as if I was interviewing them for a banking job.

Increasingly these future pastors come through my doors dress like they are catching a plane for Peru.  Their dress is Casual Hipster or maybe Funky Professor.

I’ve heard comments that people should dress to visit me as if they were headed to a job interview (hence the suit.)  But what I love about the variety of dress is that it reflects the kind of church these folks will serve.  People in suits will most likely seek calls in establishment churches.  People in jeans will most likely seek calls in alternative churches.  I love this.

Not all new pastors are hipster.  Not all will have tats and piercings.  But not all of them – even the Presbyterian ones – will wear suits either.



One response to “Style Shifts – The Look of Future Pastors

  1. I love this. I moderate presbytery meetings in red Vans and flannels.

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