What 2013 Will Be About

Set FreeIn my first parish, one of the local funeral directors used to call me on January 1st and ask me who I thought might die that year.  Really.   He wasn’t kidding.  This wasn’t about his preparing for a potentially busy year; it was just casual wondering.  And creepy.

While we don’t know what the new year will bring, we have the opportunity to make 2013 about something good, no matter what happens.  This could be the year that our churches rethink their purpose (i.e. it’s not about us and what we like.)  This could be the year that more of us are set free (from anger, addictions, overwork, regret, bigotry, selfishness.)  This could be the year that bullies are conquered and the bullied are empowered – not merely in the confines of our congregations but in our neighborhoods and communities as well.

This could be the year that The Church comes closer to what we were created to be.  We have been given the power to make 2013 about God’s reign on earth as it is in heaven. I’m pumped.


One response to “What 2013 Will Be About

  1. Thank you Jan. I am pumped too.; Our church is launching a Greeter Ministry this month. Our first training is Jan 8. Please keep this ministry in your prayers.

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