Opinion on Gay Marriage Shifts . . . Or Not

Short post today with some real questions:New Yorker Cover

  • Why is acceptance of GLBT marriage growing so quickly in the United States?  
  • Why is most rejection of GLBT marriage based on religious beliefs?

These questions are based on yesterday’s Gallup reports you can read here. Discuss.  I’m really interested in your ponderings on this.

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4 responses to “Opinion on Gay Marriage Shifts . . . Or Not

  1. My acceptance of gay marriage is based on my religious beliefs.

  2. I think acceptance of gay marriage is growing as more and more gay people come out to their friends and families, and people can’t square their theoretical anti-gay feelings and beliefs with the actual love and respect they feel for these gay people they know.

    I think that rejection of GLBT rights and marriage comes from fear: fear of change, of loss of tradition, and maybe a fear that if the truth I’ve hung my hat on for so long, the black and white, right and wrong, the very foundation of my way of living in the world, is mutable, then my life and my choices will literally have no meaning. Without right and wrong, I can’t be right (in the best sense: making good choices, following the rules).

    This interview, excerpted from Walter Brueggemann’s interview with Krista Tippett on her show “On Being,” is one of the smartest answers to your question, or discussions around your question, that I have ever heard. He talks about this fear, saying that “homophobia is a proxy for people’s ill-defined fears about an old world order that’s rapidly disappearing”.
    Please listen to it here (only 2 minutes):

    And the entire interview (1 hour long) is here: http://www.onbeing.org/program/prophetic-imagination-walter-brueggemann/475

    Excellent listening.

  3. I don’t want this to be a start of age/generational warfare—but one clear reason that the trends are changing so fast is the Millennial generation is coming of voting age. We are the largest generation since the Boomers and we have friends that have been “out” since middle school, we grew up watching television shows with gay characters, and we are just generally less religious. Even if no one’s opinion over the age of 40 had changed, the trends would be changing fast just with us becoming voters.

    Of course, that is not what is happening. Views are changing too. I know that from conversations with my parents. They are changing much slower with my grandparents generation—of course my experience has been that it is not worth discussing, more important to get less racist statements.

    • I should clarify why I meant “more important.” Skin color can be seen fairly clearly in public, while sexual orientation is often less obvious. I realize a poor choice of words.

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