A New Normal Small Group?

Anybody want to start a New Normal Small Group in 2013?

I’ve been thinking that the TV show The New Normal would make a good small group conversation.  The Godparent episode in particular would be excellent to spark a conversation about our children’s spiritual lives, our own spiritual lives as parents, what it really means to be a person of faith, etc.  Yes, this is a sitcom, and yes, it can be silly and fairy tale-ish, but it can also be so poignant.  Issues like being who we were born to be, loving family members who fundamentally disagree with us, figuring out our God-given calling, and discovering what makes a family are timeless and yet timely subjects.

Our lives constantly involve adjusting to Our New Normal.

  • We’re diagnosed with cancer and our New Normal involves searing pain and unrelenting exhaustion.
  • Our partner leaves us and our New Normal involves financial hardship and paralyzing loneliness.
  • We get laid off from work and our New Normal involves taking a job at Starbucks paired with a job at Subway.
  • We can’t find work where we live and our New Normal involves moving to an unfamiliar place away from family and friends.

It would be interesting to get together and talk about The New Normals we find ourselves trying to navigate.

And this is also an ancient experience as well.  The Bible includes the stories of many people adapting to dramatic shifts in their circumstances, often led by God or tumult or both.  Imagine a New Normal Bible Study featuring Job, Ruth, Abraham, Esther, Mary, and Paul.  Each of them found themselves in situations they would not have chosen for themselves, but life shifted.

I am fascinated by how we adapt to these shifts ourselves.  How does God help us?  How does God factor into our New Normal?  Without being churchy, this strikes me as something with profound spiritual ramifications and possibilities. Anybody with me?  

Top image from The New NormalThe Godparent episode.  Bottom image is Chagall’s Ruth.


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