Thanksgiving for Doubts

An old friend preached a fiery sermon after his wife’s cancer diagnosis – fiery in that he expressed his anger, his fear, his doubts.  It was a powerful message that was met with two basic responses from the congregation:

  • Group A –  (aka The Loud Group) “What kind of pastor would tell us he has doubts after everything he’s preached about God?”
  • Group B – (aka The Quiet Group) “Finally somebody besides me has doubts.”  “Finally, a pastor who doesn’t preach platitudes.” 

One of the divides in the 21st Century Christian Community involves A) believers who express certainty about their faith and theology and B) believers who freely express their doubts and openly talk about the gritty, earthy side of faith and life.  Peter Rollins speaks to this and I, for one, am grateful for his ministry of speaking the hard truth that we are broken, unknowing, and unknown.  Check out this conversation with him on Living Compass.

Real faith comes with doubts and shaking fists.  For that I’m thankful.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving for Doubts

  1. the presbytery office doorbell tunes make me giggle. That’s pretty great

  2. And fears, too. Preaching that one has fears gets mixed reviews. I’m thankful for a loud group that says preaching doubts and fears is real faith.
    So blessed.

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