The Elect & The Elected

The political world is abuzz with who will be elected today. In the spiritual world, we speak of ourselves as The Elect.  The Christian Doctrine of Election is about God electing us. 

Being among those elected by God for special ministry (and I believe we are universally elected, by the way) is not cause for feeling like we are All That.  I heard Richard Mouw explain it this way:

Once someone has been “elected” (either politically or spiritually) the work has just begun.  Nobody wants to elect a president or other government official and then have her/him do nothing.  The election is not the end; it’s the beginning.

  • It takes work to be elected if you are a political figure. 
  • It takes grace to be elected for regular human beings. 

But both of us have work to do to make the world look more like heaven, especially for the least of these.  Prayers today that our politics won’t get in the way of our faithfulness.


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