The Four Scariest Words in Church

Thy will be done” are the four scariest words in the Bible.  

I am fairly enamored with my own way of doing things, and yet, faith involves trust.  Even when things look hopeless, I believe love will always win because of this and other things.  But trusting in God’s will and not my own is essential – at least for a person of faith.

But what about the scariest words we might hear or repeat in church?

My nominations:

  • Actually, that’s my pew.
  • Our table is closed.
  • We can’t afford it.
  • You are not invited.
  • God really hates you.
  • But our policy says . . .
  • God doesn’t call women.

And your nominations?

Happy Halloween to all!


9 responses to “The Four Scariest Words in Church

  1. We could try that… (which means we won’t try that)
    We did that once…

  2. But *you’re* the minister!
    We need more youth.
    …but not *too* big.
    Our rainy day fund…

  3. But what about us?

    That’s not real worship.

  4. this one might reflect my region….But The Layman says….

  5. Run like a business

  6. We did that before! (Ugh!)

  7. Don’t forget, “It didn’t work before,” and “We tried that already.”

  8. Sentences that start with “we always…” tend to be the scariest to me!

  9. Lizabeth Martinez

    That’s the way we always do it.

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