What I’d Like to Say to . . .

This is what I’d like to say to . . .

People on both sides who remove political signs from people’s yards:  Stop it.  What is wrong with you people?

Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock  who made that comment about it being part of God’s plan when someone gets pregnant because of rape:  This is terrible theology.  Not only is it  unorthodox, but it repels people from the God we worship.  God has given human beings free will which means that God’s finger is not on every trigger, every steering wheel, and every hand on the proverbial apple.  Stop it.  Read your Bible, sir.  God can use even evil for good.  But God is not responsible for all the evil

Seminary Curriculum Administrators:  Please teach our seminarians how to serve the 21st Century Church, even if it means messing with tenured professors’ lesson plans.  We don’t need any more seminary graduates trained in serving churches that no longer exist.  Please hire leaders who have actually been engaged in Missional Ministry, Making Disciples, Third Place Ministry, and Entrepreneurial Community-Building.  I can get you a list of people who know how to do this.  Please.

The Makers of Delsym Night Time Cough & Cold Medicine:  The worst is over.  We’re almost through this  cold.  Not sure if you were more helpful than soup and tea, but thank you for not tasting awful and doing your part.

Hoping to get back to the office today.


3 responses to “What I’d Like to Say to . . .

  1. Presbyteries: encourage the 21st Century Church with time, treasure and find the talent; take risks, start new faith communities, rethink ways of doing things — decent and in order can mean easing the way!

  2. personally, I’m a fan of Robitussin. 😉 Hope you feel better soon!
    And, actually, the Free Will thing is so complicated…sigh.

  3. Jan, not to support Richard Murdock (as I probably disagree with 90% of what he will vote for in Congress), but I believe that what you wrote above is what he was saying (or trying to say). He is against abortion even in the case of rape because while rape is horrible God can use the tragedy for good (e.g., to create life). Obviously, in the case of something so theologically sensitive/difficult, it did not make for a good political talking point. But I do not believe he meant to say that God is for rape—I think he was at least trying to make the more nuanced point you wrote above.

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