Open Mike

The last time I preached for a Presbytery meeting was in 1986.  The second time will be today.  While the purpose, of course, is to proclaim The Word of God, it’s an exceptional opportunity to bring up Some Things I’d Like the Church to Consider – based on some of the difficult words of scripture.

There’s a lot in the Bible I don’t like or find easy to do, and I need to point out – to myself – that, whether I like it or not, God expects us consider these things and then live accordingly.   The first time I preached for a whole Presbytery, I spoke about truth and Pilate’s excellent question.  Today I’m preaching about what Scripture tells pastors to do.  (It doesn’t involve managing building or  raising money or even visiting people in the hospital, even though that’s what most pastors do.)

So, here’s my question, what would you tell your presbytery/diocese/association/district if you could?  Everybody should get the mike at least once.


4 responses to “Open Mike

  1. I hope you’ll post that sermon.

  2. Change is the message of Jesus and the gospel. That being the case, why is it that the Church is so darn change resistant?

  3. I agree with sharon, hope you post it. I didn’t catch that you were preaching today when we spoke. Prayers of blessing for you…

    I had the privilege of Preaching to our Presbytery with Landon Whitsitt, when I was installed as our moderator in Feb 2010. We preached on exile, hope, and change: how to live in a time of chaos. We even allowed evidence of it here:

  4. There’s no one right way of doing church. One church cannot be all things to all people. First PC cannot look like Second PC…identify your passions and pursue them. Presbytery facilitate, resource and equip.
    – off the top of my head while sipping first cup of coffee

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