And the Emmy Goes to . . .

I enjoy awards shows  (the Emmys and Oscars, but not so much the People’s Choice) and I have been thinking about the awards for acting that I would like to give some colleagues.  Authenticity is essential for church leaders.  And many of us seminary-trained pastors can tell you that the Greek word for “hypocrite” means “actor.”  And yet . . .

Sometimes church leaders are required to act professional and pastoral in the face of what is humorous, dramatic and real.  And so, with this in mind – as I was driving home last night from Charlottesville to Chicagoland as the Emmy’s were being broadcast, I decided that these friends should win trophies:

Best Actor in a Comedy – the organist who sat at his organ bench in front of a whole congregation of people during a funeral when the granddaughter of The Deceased sang – with a karaoke machine – that song from Titanic, really loudly and out of tune, without cracking a smile.  Amazing.

Best Actress in a Mini-Series – the pastor who facilitated the New Beginnings  process and endured a series of congregational meetings, cottage gatherings, and prayerful conversations in hopes of shifting a congregation from a (dying) 1950s model church to a (post-modern) 21st  onlyto witness her congregation voting down the shift officially.

Best Actress in a Drama – The Ruling Elder who sat on a Session (i.e. Board of Elders) while they orchestrated a plan to leave the denomination, serving as a voice for those who wanted to stay in the denomination.

Best Writing – The pastor/poet who writes liturgy regularly that stirs souls and inspires all who gather in spite of the fact that most of them watch that woman named Snooki and assorted survival shows.

Thanks to all of you who serve as professionals and spiritual creatives in world of Kardashians.  Bless you all.


One response to “And the Emmy Goes to . . .

  1. Amen. Amen and Amen.

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