Teenagers are Crazy: The Religion Edition

The Daily Show is kind of brilliant, and last night’s Special Report by John Oliver  sparked some interesting ideas.  Phyllis Tickle and others talk of the Religious Rummage Sale that happens every 500 years – more or less:

~4 BCE – The Birth of Jesus the Messiah

and about 500 years later . . .   476 – The Fall of Rome

and about 500 years later . . .  1054 – The Great Schism

and about 500 years later . . . 1517 – The Great Reformation

and about 500 years later . . . The Great Emergence?

Last night John Oliver “reported” that Islam – at the age of  1400 or so years –  is “a teenager” in Religion Years, and he asked the audience to remember what Christians were doing in our “Teenage Years.”  Think of teenagers and some of the nutty things they do.  And then look at what the Christian Church did when they were “teenagers”:

In 1415, the church burned John Hus – the Czech priest accused of heresy – at the stake.

In 1536, William Tyndale, the Bible translator was burned at the stake for opposing King Henry’s divorce.

In 1572, Huguenot Christians were massacred on St. Bartholomew’s Day by Roman Catholics.

And then there were The Crusades.  Those out of control “teenagers” in the 13th Century.  No, it’s not exactly every 500 years or exactly the same time table as Islam, but you get my point.

Crazy things are happening in the world over misunderstandings, a ridiculous video in this age when anyone can film and post a crazy video, and an election in the United States.

What I’m saying is that history is really interesting.  And we need to mature.

Most of us don’t want to be teenagers any more.  But God guide those who are.

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