More Jesus-Died-For-This Moments

Becky Garrison’s 2010 book  –   Jesus Died for This? – asks the fundamental question as we try to be the church.  (Also, read the book. It is hilarious and insightful.)

Most of us spend our days doing chores, tasks, meetings, and conferences that – I think it’s safe to say – do not fill us with resurrection joy.  It’s tempting to say, “Really? Jesus died for this?” when I’ve spent the morning re-writing letters to the Board of Pensions because I forgot to use the word “currently” in the first version they received.  Or I’m breaking up a battle between elders whose fundamental differences with each other involve curtains in the fellowship hall.    Or I’m recruiting volunteers to do something they see no reason to do.

But today is the first anniversary of my ministry for the Presbytery of Chicago and I’m grateful and pleased to say that there have been many more Jesus-Died-for-This moments than not.  Really.  It’s quite wonderful.

May this also be true for your ministry wherever you are serving today, that there are more and more Jesus-Died-for-This moments in your life and work.

PS Jesus didn’t die for football or tschotskes.


2 responses to “More Jesus-Died-For-This Moments

  1. Thanks Jennifer (for everything)

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