Mothering Young Adult Christians

Things that make me feel older:

  • Photographs of myself (Do I really look that old?  Actually, yes, I do.)
  • Being called a crone (I know it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it doesn’t feel that great.)
  • Having young adult kids.

Things that make me feel younger:

  • Having young adult kids.
  • Being asked by people my age and older “Can you tell me why my young adult kids don’t join a church?” (Apparently I look like I have this information.)
  • Eating quinoa

I’ve asked my young adult kids recently what they loved about growing up in the church.  (I already know what they didn’t love.)  They are double PKs who were often the first to arrive and the last to leave the building on Sundays.  Church members often talked to them in a way that they didn’t talk to other kids, for better or for worse.  They were watched, talked about, and basically better known than other church kids.  And today, they rarely cross the threshold of a church building. And yet they still self-identify as Christian.

Me:  So, what did you like about growing up in the church?

Them:  The community.  

Really, all three of them say this.   Because of the church, they know people they never would have known otherwise (people of different generations, political proclivities, cultures, faiths, and family types.)  Because of the church, they witnessed random people (often people they didn’t know very well) bring casseroles to our house when we needed them.  Because of the church, they watched me take food to other people’s homes, visit them, drive them places.  And sometimes they were given the opportunity to do the same for people they barely knew.  (Fun family memory:  The fender bender in which the boys “lost the cobbler.”)

One of my kids told me he has every intention of raising his own family in the church.  But for now, our kids’connections range from zilch to occasional.  Their identity, though, remains with Jesus.  (And more about that tomorrow.)

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5 responses to “Mothering Young Adult Christians

  1. Thanks be to God for every word of this.
    Quinoa makes me feel younger, too, along with having some inside info on current music.

  2. Remember Mamaw Lucy’s concern when she was told that you and Fred… TWO Presbyterian ministers (one being her eldest granddaughter)… were going to marry???

    She and Papaw would be so, so proud of their three great grandchildren raised by TWO Presbyterian ministers! (and of the two Presbyterian ministers who loved and raised them!!!)

    P.S. Rick and I like quinoa.

  3. I miss the young adults in residence – thank goodness for seminarians, who keep me connected. And had quinoa cakes for dinner -yeah, quinoa lovers!

  4. I love quinoa. But what I love more is overhearing my daughter (21 and pretty staunchly agnostic) say to her hipster friends, “Not all Christians suck. My parents are Christians and they don’t suck.”

    It’s a start…

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