Thank You!

Back from vacation and headed into the office this morning with – undoubtedly –  mounds of work to do.  But first this . . .

We just returned in the wee hours this morning from our annual beach week with the Edmiston side of the family.  It was our 20th consecutive vacation together, and I am profoundly grateful.  I’m thankful that we all want to be together, that we can afford to rent a house big enough for all 21 of us (although one of the 21 was in a graduate program he couldn’t miss – hence the gap in the cousin line-up.)  I’m grateful we were all healthy.  Heck, I’m grateful we are all alive.

One of the blessings of this trip together is that we are all related by blood or marriage, but not by politics.  This article reminds me that good people can differ on their world view and life philosophy.  I am frustrated when those of us who were fortunate enough to be born in the U.S., get a good education, and live a prosperous life don’t recognize that we started on (at least) Second Base.  When someone believes that a family is poor because they are bad or lazy, my blood heats up.  We can probably name some rich people who are bad or lazy, for the record.

But we, in our family, generally tend to agree on how grateful we should be.  Who gets the credit for a wonderful vacation?  The drivers performed safely.  The cooks excelled.  The kids were (practically) perfect.  But we had little to do with the roads that took us there, the food someone grew, the providence of healthy children.  Spiritual maturity is all about acknowledging that we are interdependent and imperfect humans created by a perfect God. We don’t get credit for most of the good that has come our way. I like how David Brooks put it.

Now, off to work.


2 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  2. Have a good-as-it-can-be-re-entry day, Jan!

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