Churches. Pastors. Stuck.

We all get stuck:  in traffic, in bad relationships, in unhealthy patterns, in institutional malaise, in soul-sucking jobs.

On the cusp of my vacation, I’m pondering how to get unstuck.  What helps in inspiring/forcing a decision for people and institutions?

For people:

  1. Take a vacation.  (Thanks be to God.)
  2. See a spiritual director or therapist.  Be honest with them.
  3. Yell until somebody hears you.  (The Psalmist suggests starting with God.)

For institutions:

  1. Take a sabbath  – from meetings, from the usual worship/Vacation Bible School/Sunday School routine.
  2. Wait until a crisis occurs.  (The roof literally caves in, the pastor dies, the bank account runs dry, the renters bolt.)
  3. Choose to make it not about you.  (New perspective: what does the neighborhood need?)
  4. Pray.  (See # 3 under Individuals.) And then do what God is moving you to do.

Moving, listening, choosing, praying, yelling – all good ideas for getting unstuck.  But deciding to do nothing is also a decision, of course.  And sadly, this is what we decide to do too often.


3 responses to “Churches. Pastors. Stuck.

  1. Martha Shrout Brown

    Another great one, Jan!

  2. “Yell until somebody [God] hears you.”

    Best advice I’ve gotten in a while. Because we always think it’s so impolite to holler at God… fact is, it’s Biblical. And you’re right that it’s way better than the decision toward nothingness.

    Thanks for this!

  3. …add to list: read the bon mots from good blog posts and laugh

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