I’m the Weak Sister

Friends – It’s been a week with no time to write much more than emails.  Even my blog posts went by the wayside.

Look out for a book review asap on Katherine Willis Pershey’s excellent Any Day, A Beautiful Change .  Really, you should read it this weekend.


4 responses to “I’m the Weak Sister

  1. You’re not the weak sister. I am. I’ve actually read it, but have you seen my review? No, you haven’t. Because I haven’t written it yet. But it will be good, I promise.

  2. Sweetie… your title triggered thoughts…

    You and Sue??? Neither of you are weak! But I know that I am the weak sister. I miss your mom every single day…

    • Dear Vickie (who was and always will be a great sister) – I was referring to my sisterhood of bloggers. Hadn’t written lately.

      Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

  3. And I did realize that… it did not keep my mind from wandering in a different direction. I will accept any reason that comes up to think/talk about my sister (and your mother) :).

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