I’ll be spending Mothers’ Day with my kids at the college graduation of SBC.  My mother-in-law will also be there.  But my own mom will not be there.  She passed away from breast cancer about the time I became a mother myself, and it broke me in a very real way.  Mothers’ Day has been a day of mourning for about 23 years.

The best moms are teachers, cheerleaders, healers, spiritual guides, and much more.  The worst moms are destroyers and much more.

Parents make such a difference.  We can really  screw up kids’ lives and it’s an underrated miracle when we don’t.

Just love ’em,” my Dad used to say, but figuring out the most loving thing to do is an ongoing and arduous task.  When people say that “Motherhood is the toughest job in the world,” I shiver a bit.  It sounds too self-righteous or defensive to me.  Being a human being is the toughest job in the world.  It’s also the most glorious.

Being human means taking in this amazing life God has given us.  Learning and growing and being the people God created us to be.  On the way to Williamsburg for this graduation, driving east through the hollows and notches of West Virginia, I said to HH that it would have been fun to major in geography or geology and learn how those hollows and notches were formed.  What’s so wonderful about attending our children’s college graduations is that – by grace – they have connected with people whose ponderings match their own.  They’ve worked under professors with unique expertise and curious minds who have mentored them.  It has been one of my greatest joys to witness this in my children’s lives.

And so, instead of missing my own Mom on Mothers’ Day this year, I will try to celebrate being a mom.  I’ll try.  It’s not been about me – all these Mothers’ Days Past.  But as we celebrate another graduation, I’m so, so grateful I’ve been able to be the mother of some extraordinary human beings.  Thanks be to God.



3 responses to “Moms

  1. I’m with you in a way I really don’t want to be….

  2. Happy graduation day and Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Trip to Williamsburg!

  3. I’ve been there, too, Jan. Mother’s Day was my family’s major holiday – my dad’s birthday was May 5, mine is May 13, and Mother’s Day is almost always in between. Not having my parents, and not having children of my own makes this day harder.

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