Coming Clean

Today my house is really clean and it’s my Sabbath and I just want to sit in it.

I am a Sabbath-challenged human being and the challenge is exacerbated when someone says this to me:

Church Guy:  I tried to reach you Friday but your voice mail said (insert chuckle here) it was your Sabbath (said like this:  SABbath in a Sarah Silverman voice.)

Yes, it’s my Sabbath and I will sit in my clean house and enjoy a good book.   Or I will nap.  Or I will bake things.  It’s yet to be determined as I write this post at 10:55 CT.

Cleanliness makes taking a Sabbath easier (which is why it’s a good plan to clean the house before our Sabbath and not on the day of.)  This is also true in congregations.  It’s good to come clean among our spiritual friends and I’m not just talking about vacuuming the dust bunnies under the pews.  Coming clean in church means

  • forgiving each other,
  • admitting we have enemies and then loving them,
  • sharing what we have for the benefit of people who cannot return the favor

I can’t do any of those things if I’m exhausted.  And so today I rest in my clean house.


5 responses to “Coming Clean

  1. Totally wonderful wisdom. The peace of the silent earth to you on your Sabbath.

  2. if today is your Sabbath- why are you posting this now ( or did you write this last night?)

  3. Sabbath blessings. Hold fast to the practice and the life source it is.

  4. I spent two hours enveloped in Anna Quindlen’s words yesterday. Hope you’re enjoying it as well. Her thoughts on women’s friendships seemed to be perfect for Sabbath pondering.

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