Moral of the Day

This photo is in nobody’s Pinterest file.  It’s our kitchen ceiling.

Last January, the plumber had to cut a hole in our kitchen ceiling to replace a worn out pipe.  It was a mess but The Cleaning Lady from Heaven essentially Cloroxed our kitchen.  And then we needed to have someone else some repair the hole.

Now it is April and there is still a hole in the kitchen ceiling.  The weird thing is that I don’t even notice it anymore.  Friends from Virginia came to visit and said, “Wow, there’s a hole in your kitchen ceiling” and I said, “Oh, right.  There is.  We need to get that fixed.”  But office days are long and there’s work travel and Easter took a lot of attention.  But, yes, we need to get that hole fixed.  Honestly, I’m not even sure who to call for this.  (A plasterer?  A construction professional?)

The ecclesiastical moral of this story:  churches have had assorted versions of holes for years and we get used to them and don’t even notice, until an outsider comes in and notices the hole.  Churches’ possible responses:

  • We can’t afford to fix the hole.
  • We’re so used to the hole, we stopped noticing.
  • I can’t believe you’d offend us by mentioning the hole!
  • We’ll try to fix the hole ourselves, although we don’t really know what we’re doing.
  • Do you know anyone who can help us fix this hole?  And maybe re-paint, while we’re at it?

Happy Wednesday.


2 responses to “Moral of the Day

  1. I know you weren’t really asking who could fix your hole in the ceiling, but… If you have any friends who are realtors, they probably know some handy-man(woman) types who do relatively inexpensive small repairs and repaint jobs for people who want to sell their houses, and just want them to look great to potential buyers. Wouldn’t hurt to ask around.

  2. Martha Shrout Brown

    Oh yup — those are the churchy questions, alright!

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