Diana Explains It All

This weekend, read this book.  Pulling together analysis from Harvey Cox, Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle and others,  Diana analyzes the shifts in Christianity which explain – among many other things –  

  • why faithful people in my denomination want to leave the PCUSA to join the ECO or EPC while other faithful people want to remain in the PCUSA
  • why the “how” questions (“How do I believe?”) is a better question today than the “what” questions (“What do I believe?”)

I love this book.  It sparks ideas for theological education, sermons, liturgy, and endless grappling conversations over coffee.  Your brain, soul, and faith communities will thank you.


5 responses to “Diana Explains It All

  1. Martha Shrout Brown

    Have it on my iPad and should get around to it — thanks for the nudge!

  2. I’ve Kindled it for my CREDO conference next week.

  3. I attended 3 day workshop she did a few weeks prior to the book coming out, a preview of what she writes about. Fascinating, challenging and hopeful stuff

  4. I’m thinking of a variety of ways that this book will be helpful where I serve and beyond…

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